Foreign Language Courses and their indispensable role in diplomatic services of a nation


Language is a strong medium for communication. Presently, an individual who has the knowledge of more than one language is looked upon high by others. Every career demands language as one of the primary skills because it’s the medium through which communication is made. But the knowledge in terms of a foreign language is an important base for various career opportunities.

Knowledge about a foreign language gives in a competitive advantage over one another. The job opportunities for people who are bilingual are large. There is no need for any formal education for pursuing the course of foreign language. Basically these courses are for short term. The candidates who pursue graduation level courses in the foreign language should have done their 12th class or school level education. Any individual who has pursued any short term courses in foreign languages will have added advantage when they join for the graduation level courses.

Career Opportunities

This is an apt course for candidates who have a flair for languages on a whole. The career options in this field are immense. Translators and Interpreter are one of the most demanding options in terms of career in this field. This field enables the candidates to work for full time as well part time jobs. This course may help the individuals to get opportunities in terms of employment in travel agency firms, business organizations, teaching etc.

Apart from all these, a person who is having in-depth knowledge regarding a particular foreign language will enable or give them an opportunity to understand in detail the cultural values of that country also.

The job opportunities available in this field are –

Embassies –The foreign language experts are employed to do various clerical; works and also to interact with the foreign clients.

Translators are employed in publishing houses and various research oriented industries or organizations. Individuals are employed in various call centers to interact with their foreign customers and clients also. Such individuals will have an advantage. Hence, if you are student and who have an interest towards learning a foreign language it will definitely enhance your career prospects on a whole. The individuals can also practice as freelancers in various organizations in this area. The pay packages are also very high in this area. The job of translators etc gets salary on hourly basis.


There are different short terms as well as full time courses in foreign languages. Some of the important courses in this area are –

  • M.A in Foreign Languages
  • Integrated Master’s course in Foreign Languages
  • Diploma or Certificate courses
  • Bachelor’s degree course in foreign language
  • Ph.D
  • M.Phil

Learning a new language requires patience and commitment involved in this area. The candidates who are opting for such courses need good verbal ability skills and learning skills also. Hence, there are certainly many positive aspects connected with knowing any foreign language. It will enhance the level of opportunities. Also an important aspect being that it will help in learning a new culture.



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