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Diploma after 10th standard is good or B.Tech after 12th is good?

I had completed my 10th standard by CBSE Board. I want to Do Computer Science and Engineering Diploma course. I want to know that is Diploma after 10th Standard Is Good for my Career or Doing B.Tech after completing 12th is a Better option?

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Default Re: Diploma after 10th standard is good or B.Tech after 12th is good?

Diploma after 10th standard and B.Tech after 12th standard are same.

If you do diploma after 10th standard, it takes 3 years to complete diploma.

Through LEET exam, you can do B.Tech which also take 3 years.

If you do B.Tech after 12th standard, it takes 4 years to complete your graduation.

Total duration is 6 years in both cases.

After diploma you have to more option to get job early instead of 12th standard.

You can choose any case depending on your choice and condition.
31st May 2015, 11:15 PM
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Default Re: Diploma after 10th standard is good or B.Tech after 12th is good?

Diploma after 10th is more useful than the diploma after 12th.
Diploma is the practical study of the subject.
After diploma if you study B.tech then it is more practical.
So join diploma....
All the best
31st May 2015, 11:37 PM
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Default Re: Diploma after 10th standard is good or B.Tech after 12th is good?

Better to go for Intermediate and then B.Tech. Diploma is good mainly for core branches like Civil,Mechanical, Electrical etc. Moreover after 12th you can get into IITs which is not possible after diploma through lateral entry.
Although both the ways will take 6years but if you are a better student and don't have financial pressure then better to go for B.tech after 12th.
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1st June 2015, 12:02 AM
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Default Re: Diploma after 10th standard is good or B.Tech after 12th is good?

It all depends on you and the end result is same if you go for the Degree course which you should.
The course duration is same for both and it takes a total of 6 years.
The only disadvantage that you will have if you pursue the Diploma course is that you will not have the chance to join NIT and IIT.
So the decision is yours and you will have to think what you want to do.
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1st June 2015, 12:27 AM
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Default Re: Diploma after 10th standard is good or B.Tech after 12th is good?

It depends on your personal choice and interest whether to go for 12th or the diploma after your 10th .Both the degree are equivalent to each other and you are eligible for any course with any of these degrees which requires the senior secondary degree .

As you are interested to do bachelor of engineering in your future then by opting either of these you will take 6 years for completion of same from now .

But the diploma option will be a better option as comparable to the 12th option for doing the engineering course as this course is linked directly to the engineering studies so it will help you in your B.tech studies .

Also the diploma course has more job options at the senior secondary level as many MNC's and government needs the junior engineer .Also as the world is becoming digital and projects like Make in India will require more skilled employees .

So it would be better for you for going for diploma rather than 12th if you are determined to do B.tech later on .
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18th September 2020, 04:58 PM
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Default Re: Diploma after 10th standard is good or B.Tech after 12th is good?

Which one is better for career diploma or 12??
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