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What to choose between medicine and engineering? I am a student studying in class 11th

I am a student studying in class 11. I get very confused in between what to choose between doctor and engineer. I only want to decide the career which is well paid,respected. And also takes less time but i am confused, please help me to choose the best one

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Default Re: What to choose between medicine and engineering? I am a student studying in class 11th

There is nothing for which you have to be worried much .You just have to be confident about the stream in which you have interest and you think that this is the best option for you .

Now as you have asked about the career options in the both medical and engineering then you do not have to worry about this because there is lots of job oriented options for you if you go with any of the above options .

If you go with any of the above options you have the job options in the respective medical or engineering field , administrative field , defense field , banking field , teaching profession , banking sector , business field , civil services and much more .

Now as you have asked that which is respectable among the medical or engineering then it is obvious that medical because the doctors are called as the god on the earth .But you do not forget the role of engineering .

For medical course you will have to go for Physics , Chemistry and Biology as your main subjects in your higher secondary education where as for engineering you have to opt for Mathematics instead of Biology .

Apart from all the factors like job options , reputation etc. the most important thing for the selection of stream for further studies is your interest and confidence about the same .Choose the right option because the wrong decision under the influence of others can cost you your whole career .
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Default Re: What to choose between medicine and engineering? I am a student studying in class 11th

i am good in maths in std X score more than 99 always . I understand maths of XI AND XII is quite different. The standards has a high jump from X to XI AND XII . I am good in all regarding what to take my father is an engineer and my mother is a doctor i am confused what to take . All my female friends majorly are opting for PCB to take career as medicine but i am still not clear what to do . Everyone are telling me that for females Medicine is choice of branch due to lot of liberty in profession as compared to others . What do you suggest
Do you have any question? or have anything to say?

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