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Syllabus for PhD Economics entrance of IGNOU? How is Mumbai university?

What is the syllabus of PhD (Economics) entrance from Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research? Also, how is Mumbai University for a PhD in Economics?

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Default Re: Syllabus for PhD Economics entrance of IGNOU? How is Mumbai university?

The syllabus of PhD Economics entrance exam for IGNOU is given below.

Module I- Micro Economic Analysis
Demand Analysis – Marshallian, Hicksian and Revealed Preference Approaches
Consumer Behaviour under Conditions of Uncertainty, Theory of Production and Costs,
Pricing and output under different forms of market structure, Collusive and non-
Collusive oligopolies, Different models of objectives of the firm – Baumol, Morris &
Williamson, Cournot, Sweezy, Factory-Pricing, General Equilibrium & Welfare

Module II- Macroeconomics
Classical approach: Implications – Keynesian approach – concepts – Determinants of
Effective Demand – Relevance – Economic Fluctuations-Hicks & Samuelson
Approaches – Measures to minimize economic fluctuations – Phillips curve-Concepts –
Trade off – Implications- New classical Macroeconomics: Propositions and Policy
conclusions of supply side Economics and Rational Expectations Analysis – Open
Economy Macroeconomics – concepts –Simultaneous Equilibrium – Implications.

Module III - Development and Planning
Sustainable Development – various measures of economic development – Human
Development index – capability approach to development – Development as freedom-
Development management – Development ethics- Development Vs Displacement –
Inclusive growth – Gender substituted development – Market failure – Development
planning – State & Development – State failure – Emerging issues of Development

Module IV- Mathematical and Statistical Methods
Linear and Non-linear functions and their applications - Application of Differential and Integral Calculus in consumer behavour and production theories – Matrix algebra and its application. Measures of Central Tendencies and Dispersion – Elementary theory of probability –Binominal, Poison and Normal Distribution – Testing of Hypothesis – Z, t, X2 and F test – Index numbers – Time series.

Module V- Public Economics
Economic Functions of Modern Government – Role of Government in Economic Planning and Market Governance – Welfare foundations –Budget- Types of budget – concepts of deficits – Reforms in Budgeting – Zero Base Budgeting and Performance Budgeting – Public Revenue –Sources of Revenue – Tax Revenue – Effects of taxes on production, consumption, work efficiency, Savings – Public Expenditure – Effects of Public Expenditure on the Economy –Evaluation of Public Expenditure: Cost Benefit Analysis – Public debt – Issues in Management –Fiscal Policy – Objectives – Instruments – As an instrument of growth and social justice.

Module VI- International Economics
Foreign trade and Economic Development – Two – gap model – Foreign trade multiplier –Heickscher –Ohlin theory of International trade – Secular Decline in Terms of Trade – Perbisch – Singer & myrdal’s thesis – Balance of payment problem in LDCs , Traditional, Absorption & Monetary approaches to BOP – Foreign exchange market & its functions – impact of tariff & non-tariff on trade – Regional trade Blocks – WTO & India.

Module VII- Money, Banking & Finance
Money supply & Money Demand – Role, Constituents & Functions of money & capital markets – central Bank – commercial banks- cooperative banks-Regional Rural banks-Technological developments in banking – Mutual funds – SEBI & RBI guidelines – insurance sector –LICGIC- reforms in the Financial sector.

Module VIII- Environmental Economics
Natural Resources – Classification – Environmental costs – Environmental Accountings –
Valuation of Natural Resources – Green GDP – Valuation of forests – Environmental
Economics-Public goods- Market Failure – Common Property Resources – Market Based
Instruments – Environmental Impact Assessment – Environmental Policy in India- Global warning – climate change

Module IX- Indian Economy
National Income accounting: Trends and major issues – performance of different sectors – problems of poverty, unemployment migration inflation & environment – Economic reforms in India – India on the are of economic reforms-objectives, nature & structures of economic reforms – impact of economic reforms –India & WTO India & GATS.

Mumbai University is good for PhD in Economics since it is an old university and is reputed. Along with that it also provides exposure and various opportunities for further research.
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Default Re: Syllabus for PhD Economics entrance of IGNOU? How is Mumbai university?

I have completed M.a and net in economics. I want to do PhD in eco from ignou uni. At the same time I don't want to go out of Mumbai as I have small baby.. Is it worth doing? Please tell me ignou study centre which offers PhD in economics in Mumbai..
Do you have any question? or have anything to say?

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