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Tips to get more than 9.4 CGPA in 10th board examination?

My school has just started and I have kind of completed the portion taken in school so far. I want tips that will really help me in getting a cgpa of 9.4 and above in my 10 grade board examination? Can anyone please provide me the useful tips as soon as possible? Thank you!

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7th May 2015, 03:13 PM
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Default Re: Tips to get more than 9.4 CGPA in 10th board examination?

Here are some basic tips for the preparation of ICSE 10th and to secure more than 94% :

Choosing of proper study material.

Studying a number of books for the preparation of ICSE board is not the exact way of preparing.

Often people have a misconception that referring many books at a time proves to be helpful, but in actual if the preparation is made by selecting fewer but right books for preparation proves to be helpful for aspirants.

Students should choose books that cover entire ICSE 10th 2016 syllabus and as per 2016 pattern.

Prepare a proper Time Table.

You should prepare a proper time table for your studies and allocate your time accordingly to your weakness and strengths regarding subjects.

A proper time table can prove to be very effective for you to score well in your exam.

Solve previous year papers.

Solving previous year papers is the most important if you want to score well in 10th boards.

You can solve sample papers for ICSE 10th 2016, it will provide you an insight idea of the pattern, marking type and time duration. Solve as much as Mock papers as you can as solving these papers will give you an idea about the actual examination paper.

Stay Healthy and mentally fit.

On top of all never forget to keep up well with your health as it is the basis of all necessities.

There is an old saying "Health is Wealth" which is very true. So keep yourself mentally and physically fit all the while.

Try to take some time out for yourself apart from studies and feel relaxed, do things that keeps your mind and body relaxed.

Quick Tips for ICSE 10th 2016 Preparation:

1. Prepare a list of important formulae in each chapter.

2. Note the tips for quick solutions of problems.

3. Make daily or weekly targets and note it down and act accordingly.

4. Revise the syllabus as per study plan.

5. Make time table and distributive time and hence aim to achieve it.

6. Solve previous year questions.

7. Have proper sleep and proper diet.

7th May 2015, 06:11 PM
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Default Re: Tips to get more than 9.4 CGPA in 10th board examination?

it is very much easy to score 10 cgpa in 10 standard in cbse board you just need to work hard,do as your teachers told you and most important thing is that prefer the ncert books first,do all the examples also which are given in the book. regular study is also the most important factor for that.

7th May 2015, 08:34 PM
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Default Re: Tips to get more than 9.4 CGPA in 10th board examination?

To get more than 9.4 CGPA in your 10th standard board examinations, try to follow the below mentioned tips :-

1. Attend regularly to the classes, write the notes while teacher is explaning and refer notes once again after coming to home from school.

2. If you get any doubts, immediately consult the concerned subject faculty and clarify your doubts.

3. Prepare a proper schedule before two or three months of the commencement of the final examinations and follow it regularly in such a way that you can revise the entire syllabus.

4. Try to select the easy and important chapters for preparation and don't read the new chapters before the examinations.

5. Practice model papers and refer previous years question papers to test your ability of scoring maximum marks in 10th standard board examinations.
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7th May 2015, 10:31 PM
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Default Re: Tips to get more than 9.4 CGPA in 10th board examination?

If you have completed your lesson then kindly give some mock test that and see that where you are making mistakes and try to overcome that mistake, then give another mock test like this only give as many mock test as you can, try to solve last 10 years papers and solve some question from it, by doing all these things I am sure that you will be able to score more than 9.4 CGPA in class 10th board exam.
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Default Re: Tips to get more than 9.4 CGPA in 10th board examination?

Tips to get more than 9.4 CGPA in 10th :-

- CGPA above 9.4 is quite high which requires good amount of hard work and dedication.

- The first and most important criteria is you cannot neglect any portion of the syllabus and neither any subject.

- You need to maintain a proper time table wherein you give equal weightage to different subject; giving more preference to the ones in which you are less strong.

- Make sure you keep the tough subjects or tough topics to study during the time of your high concentration in the time table.

- Try to increase the duration of effective study rather than just stretching your study hours.

- Keep a revision time daily when you will revise the previously read stuffs.

- Keep yourself fit and healthy both physically and mentally.

- Give special preference to the text books since questions will be based on them.

- Solve questions from various reference books and sample papers. Solve previous years' papers. Try to develop a writing habit to ensure better retention of the stuffs you read and write.

- Lastly do not stress yourself, be confident, keep calm and aim to deliver your best.
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Default Re: Tips to get more than 9.4 CGPA in 10th board examination?

The following are the tips to get more than 9.4 CGPA in 10th board examination:
>>candidate should be mentally fit.
>>should have confidence.
>>try to prepare day to day schedule and complete the work in it.
>>Recall the subject which you studied after closing the books.
>>try to read in the way that you can understand the subject
>>don't mugup blindly.
>>practice all model papers and previous year question papers then you can able to get good CGPA in 10th examination

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