Geo technical Engineer - How to become a Geo technical Engineer?


Geo technical Engineering is offered at post graduation level as specialization course in Civil Engineering. These professionals are involved in designing buildings, slopes and excavations. The main role of the geo technical engineer is to investigate underground soil and to determine whether the location is suitable for construction work.

Before designing a building structure, Geo technical Engineers studies the existing data regarding the geographic features, collect new data, analyze and investigate them to determine the feasibility of the location. The scope of these professionals is very high all over the world. They can find opportunities with mining, metallurgical, petroleum firms, in volcanic research, seismology and so on. As the course is offered primarily at post graduation levels, the compensation package and the career prospects are also high.

Qualifying Exam

To become a Geo technical engineer, the aspirants have to undergo the four year bachelor degree in Engineering. The degree should be obtained with Civil engineering as the major subject of study. After completion of B. Tech in Civil Engineering the aspirants have to undergo Master of Engineering/ Technology with Geo Technical Engineering specialization.

Who are eligible to apply?

Those who have passed HSC exam are eligible to apply for the engineering course. The aspirants should complete their XII class from a recognized institute with Science as the main area of study. Specialist in Geotechnical engineering can apply for various job positions arising both in public as well as private sectors.

Key points in the process

  • Pursue 12th class with Science as the main stream of study.
  • Study Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering from any of the reputed institutions.
  • Specialize in Geo Technical Engineering at the Master’s level.
  • Trace out suitable job profiles in Geo Technical Engineering and apply for the same.

Skills required for a Geo technical Engineer

Geo Technical Engineers should be enthusiastic to work with natural recourses such as soil, rock and so on. They must possess good analytical and investigation skills. Good communication and ability to work in team is also prerequisite for these professionals. They must possess new innovative ideas of design and should have technical drawing skills. Computer proficiency is also required to become a successful Geo Technical Engineer.



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