Difference between Robotics Engineer and Mechanical Engineer


Robotics Engineers are those who are involved in the layout, manufacture, and maintenance of Robots. They are also involved in the application of the principles of Robotics for further developments and in conducting research related activities. Robotics Engineering is an area of specialization under Mechanical Engineering course. Therefore, Robotic Engineer is a professional who has in depth knowledge about Mechanical Engineering with specific skills and expertise in the field of Robotics. Mechanical engineers deal with the design and development of machine parts in development of new methods and theories in Mechanics.

Robotics Engineering Course and Career opportunities

To obtain job as Robotic Engineer, the aspirant must possess an Engineering degree. The Engineering degree should be pursued in any of the areas of mechanical, manufacturing, electrical, electronic, or industrial engineering. After completing B. Tech from a reputed institute, it is desirable to undergo short-term courses in Robotics Engineering. The course study of Robotic engineering includes topics on microprocessors, CADD/CAM systems, and hydraulics. The study also includes numerically controlled systems, integrated systems, and logic. Professionals in this area can find ample career openings in applied areas of Artificial intelligence and in IT sectors employing Robotics.

Mechanical Engineering Course and Career opportunities

The eligibility to get employed as Mechanical Engineer is to undergo a Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering in any of the reputed Engineering Colleges. The course duration is usually 4 years. Higher study options such as Master of Technology in Mechanical Engineering or Master of Business Administration enable aspirants to obtain a good lucrative career in this sector. These professionals can find job opportunities with any of the companies operating in manufacturing machinery or fabricating products and in other allied sectors.

Key differences between Robotics Engineer and Mechanical Engineer

Even though both professionals operate in engineering sector, there exist slight differences between the two.

  • Robotics acts as a sub specialization of Mechanical Engineering where as the later acts as an independent branch of study.
  • Mechanical engineers are involved in design and develop of machine parts where as Robotic Engineers focus solely on the development and design of robots.

Certain added skills are required to become a successful Robotic Engineer when compared with a mechanical engineering professional.



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    sir, i have commpleted my 1st year from sdmcet, karnataka. i have taken mechanical branch. i want some short term course for robotics department. plz give me some ideas