Government colleges for Bachelor of Arts in Corporate secretaryship


Due to the popularity that is attained for the secretary jobs in various companies related to various sectors the prominence for the corporate secretaryship education has become most popular. This field of study has now some special courses that are made available in the colleges. The high demand for the professionals in various business sectors has created the demand that compelled for the initiation of both undergraduates and also the postgraduate programs. With the increasing demand for corporation secretaryship a number of colleges are offering this course and the names of government colleges offering this course in India are given below:

Government Colleges offering this course:

o Presidency College (Autonomous) Chennai - 600 005.


o Government Arts College for Women, Ramanathapuram 623 501

o Government Arts College, Paramakudi 623 707


o Govt. Arts & Science College for women, Bargur - 635 104

Eligibility criteria:

As usual with any of the bachelor degree, for this also you need to complete at the minimum of 10 plus 2 from the state recognized board for getting admission into the undergraduate program of corporate society that is offered by many colleges.

Higher education:

Though BA in corporate secretaryship is the first step in the ladder that you would like to climb there is till the chance of growing up with opting for higher education like

o M.A in CS

o M.Com in CS


Having enrolled for the higher courses will definitely help the individuals in understanding the major impact that the degree will produce on their career development. When it comes to the eligibility every student who have completed their BA in CS are eligible to apply for the seat.

Sectors in which BA Corporate Secretaryship graduates can find employment opportunities:

Without knowing which sector we would be serving with the degree that we have we would not get confidence as to how our efforts and our degree will help the country and the citizens staying in it. Every transaction that is dealt with in the below said business functions would need the CS

o Finance Institutions

o Banking Sectors

o Insurance organizations

o Sales category

o Marketing industry

In all these fields you can get good pay along with due preference and importance for the degree you obtain in this field starting with BA in CS.

Job Types:

While you know the sectors, how you would help them along with what type of work you would be doing there is quite important like

Administrative assistants- This is where you will get to know the minor and major activities involved with the CS.

Corporate secretaries- Though they will be assigned with lot many activities they will be provided with the crew that will support the vast list of government transactions that are being managed.

Office secretaries: Though the number of tasks in personal office would be less, there would be a high degree of responsibility that is attached with these jobs.



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