Government Jobs in Culinary Arts in India


Culinary Arts is an art of cooking and preparing foods and the term culinary can be defined as something connected with or related to cooking. Culinarian is a person working in the field of culinary arts and culinarians working in restaurants are generally called as Chef or a cook. Culinary artists are responsible for preparation of meals that are pleasing not only to the palate, but also to the eyes. Professionals in this field should have understanding of nutrition and diet and knowledge of science of food.

These professionals primarily work in hospitals, delicatessens, restaurants and other institutions and condition of the kitchen in which they work vary according to the type of nursing home, restaurant, business, etc… When it comes to education in culinary arts in India, the most powerful academy for Culinary arts education in India is the Culinary Academy of India.

About Culinary Academy of India:

Culinary Academy of India is the first professional training school for offering education in culinary arts to be established in India and the institute offering education matching to the standards of top European and American Culinary Institutions. The academy is located very close to the premier hotels in the city of Hyderabad thereby offering great opportunity for its students to get practical education in such a way that can translate their experience as better employment opportunities in the future. The institute offers two courses for students who wish to become icons in the field of culinary arts.

Courses in Culinary Arts:

Some of the courses available for candidates, who wish for a career in the field of culinary arts are given below:

Diploma in Cruise Galley Operations

Certificate course in Food Production and Patisserie

Post Graduate Diploma in Culinary Arts

Bachelor of Catering Technology & Culinary Arts

Occupations in Culinary Arts:

When it comes to a career in Culinary Arts, candidates can get job opportunities in the following positions:

Consulting and Design Professionals

Food and Beverage Controller


Sales person

Instructors in culinary arts institutions

Research and Development person

Food critics

Food writers

Food stylists and photographers

Food and beverage managers

Dining room service

Government jobs for Culinary Arts professionals in India:

When it comes to government jobs for professionals in the field of culinary arts, candidates can find job opportunities in Tourism organizations running under the control of Government. Many hotels are functioning under the government for ensuring the development of tourism industry in the nation and for offering service to guests of the nation and these hotels offer job opportunities to culinary art specialists. Recently the Indian Tourism Development Corporation issued a notification calling for applications from candidates with specialization in Culinary Arts and VVIP Facilitation with graduation in Bachelor of Hotel Management.

Thus, Culinary Arts professionals can get wider job opportunities in the private sector and a few openings are also available to these professionals in the government sector as well. Professionals in this field are paid well and they can also find job opportunities in international hotels in India and abroad.



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2 Responses to “Government Jobs in Culinary Arts in India”

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    Balki Krits:

    I think the Bachelor’s in Catering Technology & Culinary Arts offered by Culinary Academy of India is the best course available for the aspiring budding chefs.I wnat have the feed back on the Post Graduate Diploma In Culinary Arts?

  2. 1

    yes very soon all the tourist guest houses and lodges which are managed by the APSTDC will hire culinary graduates to run the operations and thesee jobs will be only for culinary graduates from a recognised university.Three year graduates in Culinary Arts of Post graduate diploma holdres in Culinary Arts will have tremendous job oppurtunities.