Government jobs in the field of Digital Signal Processing


Digital Signal Processing shortly called as DSP deals with the representation of discrete time signals by a sequence of symbols or numbers and the processing of these signals. The main field of signal processing has two sub-fields being analog signal processing and digital signal processing. The sub-field of digital signal processing include several other fields like seismic data processing, biomedical signal processing, control of systems, signal processing for communications, digital image processing, statistical signal processing, spectral estimation, sensor array processing, radar and sonar signal processing, speech and audio signal processing.

Signal processing engineering is the discipline that manipulates and analyses signals after they are processed, properly interpreted and amplified. It is an industry that is worth billions of dollars and it expanding day after day. Since digital processing engineering is used in a wide range of applications, signal processing engineer jobs in India are booming.

Application of Digital Signal Processing:

The main applications of DSP are in the fields like biomedicine, seismology, digital communications, SONAR, RADAR, speech processing, video compression, digital image processing, audio compressing and audio signal processing. Some of the examples are transmission and speech compression in forecasting seismic data processing, weather forecasting, sound reinforcement applications, room correction of sound in hi-fi, mobile phones, etc…

Skills needed for a career in Digital Signal Processing:

To make a career in signal processing, candidates must be aware of languages like C++, C and assembly level programming. A Digital Signal Processing (DSP) professional must be well-verses in time constraints, signal processing algorithms and time processing. Professionals in this field must be eligible to ensure quality services and therefore, they will have to work under  system constraints like limited memory and limited processor speeds without complaining about the unavailability of resources.

Career in Digital Signal Processing:

Signal Processing, particularly Digital Signal Processing, which is a highly value-added software market with a small differentiation opens up new career options to the professionals with appropriate qualification. According to the predication made by the NASSCOM, it is going to the career with high growth prospects. Indian graduates in this field stand to have an edge over the graduates of other countries since Indian students are skilled in number-crunching as compared to any other country graduates.  Furthermore, the industry is going to be propelled by the most promising applications like convergence, communication and speech recognition. When it comes to private jobs in this field, tech-corporates like Intel, Analog devices, lucent, Motorola and Texas Instruments and related companies are strongly venturing into this field with high potential. Professional in this field have great demand all over the world and they are also paid well.

Government job in digital signal processing:

When it comes to public sector jobs in the field of digital signal processing, candidates can find job opportunities in police department, Doordarshan, All India Radio, BSNL and Army Signal Core. These professionals can also try for job opportunities in Broadcast Engineering Consultants India Limited for fetching a good job.

Thus, Digital Signal Processing is a field that not only offers job opportunities in private sector, but also in government sector as well.



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