Reference Books for M.Tech in VLSI Design


VLSI Design, Semiconductor devices, Advanced Digital Signal Processing and RF Design are the main topics covered in the M.Tech course in VLSI. Reference books on the various topics under the syllabus of M.Tech (VLSI Design) are briefed in the article.

Reference Books on Semiconductor Devices

  • CMOS Analog Circuit Design by Philip E. Allen, Douglas R.Hoberg
  • Device Electronics for Integrated Circuits by Richard S. Muller and Theodore I. Kamins
  • Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices by Edward S. Yang
  • Mixed Analog digital devices and technology by Y. Tsibidis
  • MOS Field Effect Transistor and Integrated Circuits by Pail Ric hman
  • MOS physics and technology by E.H. Nicollian and J.K. Brews
  • Physics of Semiconductor Devices by S.M. Sze

Study Books on VLSI Design Concepts

  • Algorithms for VLSI design automation by Sahib H.Gerez
  • CMOS Circuit Design, Layout and Simulation by Jacob Backer, Harry W. Li and David E. Boyce
  • CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits Analysis & Design by Sung Ms Kang, Yusuf Lablebici
  • Introduction to VLSI Systems by C.Mead and L. Conway
  • Principles of CMOS VLSI Design by N. Weste and K. Eshranghian
  • The Design and Analysis of VLSI, Circuits by L.Glaser and D. Dobberpuhl
  • VLSI Analog and Digital Circuit Design Techniques by Randel & Geiger

Books on Hardware Description Languages

  • The Designer’s Guide to VHDL by Peter J Ashenden
  • Verilog HDL Synthesis - A Practical Primer by J. Bhaskar
  • Verilog HDL: A Guide to Digital Design and Synthesis by S. Palnitkar
  • VHDL Analysis & Modeling of digital systems by Navabi
  • VHDL for Designers by Stefan Sjoholm & Lennart Lindth

Books on VLSI Technology

  • Physics and Technology of semiconductor devices by A.S Grove
  • The Theory and Practice of Microelectronics by Sorab K. Gandhi
  • ULSI Technology by C.Y. Chang and S.M. Sze (Ed)
  • VLSI fabrication Principles by S.K.Gandhi
  • VLSI Technology by B.G Streetman
  • VLSI Technology by S.M.Sze (Ed)
  • VLSI Technology by Streetman

Books on Design of Analog/ Mixed Mode VLSI Circuits

  • Analog Integrated Circuit for Switched Capacitor Circuit by Greogorian & Tames
  • Analog VLSI signal and Information Processing by Mohammed Ismail, Terri Fiez
  • Analysis and Design of Analog Integrated Circuits by Paul R. Gray and Robert G.Meyer
  • Bipolar and MOS analog integrated circuit design by Alan B. Gnebene
  • Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits by Behzad Razavi
  • Digital Bipolar circuits by Mohammed I. Elmasy
  • Mixed Analog-Digital Devices and Technology by Y. Tsividis

Books on Advanced Digital Signal Processing:

  • Digital Signal Processing by Emmanuel C.Ifeachor Barrie W.Jervis
  • Digital Signal Processing principles, algorithms, and applications by Proakes Manolakis
  • Statistical Digital Signal Processing and Modeling by Monson H.Hayes
  • VLSI DSP Systems; Design & implementation by Keshab K. Parhi

Books on ASIC Design and FPGA

  • Application - Specific Integrated Circuits by M.J.S .Smith
  • Digital Circuits a proportion for microprocessors by Charles W. Mckay
  • Digital Design: Principles and Practices by John F. Wakherly
  • VHDL for Programmable Logic by Skahill, Kevin

Books on Memory Design and Testing

  • Semiconductor Memories Technology, Testing and Reliability by A.K Sharma
  • Semiconductor Memory design & application by Luecke Mize Care
  • Semiconductor Memory Design Handbook by Belty Prince

Books on Embedded Systems

  • An embedded software primer by David E Simon
  • Embedded Microcomputor System: Real Time Interfacing by J.W. Valvano
  • Embedded System Design- A unified Hardware/software Introduction by Frankvahid/Tony Givargis
  • The Art of Designing Embedded Systems by Jack Ganssle

Books on Testing and Fault Tolerance

  • Essentials of Electronic Testing for Digital Memory & Mixed Signal VLSI Circuit by Viswani D.Agarval Michael L.Bushnell
  • High level Test Synthesis of Digital VLSI circuits by Mike Tien Chienlee
  • Logical testing & design for testability by Hideo Fujiwara

Books on System on Chip (SoC)

  • Modern VLSI Design: SOC Design by Wayone Wolf
  • Surviving the SOC Revolution: A Guide to Platform based Design by Alberto Sangiovanni Vincentelli
  • System-On-A-Chip Verification methodology & Techniques by Prakash Rashnikar, Peter Paterson, Lenna Singh

Books on RF Design

  • Fundamentals of RF Circuit Design with Low Noise Oscillators by Jeremy Everard
  • High Linearity RF Amplifier Design by Peter b. Kenington
  • RF Circuit Design: Theory & Applications by Reinhold Ludwig, Paul Bretchko
  • RF Microelectronics by Behzad Razavi

Books on Sensor Technologies and MEMS:

  • Sensor Technology and Devices by Ristic L ( ed)
  • Semiconductor Sensors by Sze S.M. (ed)
  • Integrated Sensors, Microp-actuators and micro-systems by K.D

Books on M.Tech in VLSI design course can be purchased either through online or through all top book stores. If the books are expensive, one can access it through online in the form of e-book also. They are also provided in college libraries.



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