Gujarat Board Class 10 Maths Papers


Mathematics is a very challenging subject and finds its application in almost every spheres of life. For this reason students from the beginning are trained in Mathematics so that they can solve some day to day problems without much difficulty.

The Mathematics question paper of metric level of Gujarat Board covers all the topics of the syllabus. The question paper is parted into 5 sections. A candidate has to attempt all the questions from each of the sections. Though there are some questions having internal choices.

How much time will be given in the exam?

3 hours is given for the completion of the examination.

No. Of questions in the paper and marking

There are 54 questions in total in the paper. And internal choices are there for some questions. The total marks for the paper is 100. The marks assigned to each section are indicated at beginning of each section.

How the paper looks like?

The paper contains questions from algebra, arithmetic and geometry. In section A 15 multiple choice type questions are given having four responses for each which covers the whole syllabus. Section B contains questions which carries also 1 mark for each. Section C is having 12 questions carrying 2 marks for each. Internal choices are given for some questions in section B. The questions from section D carry 3 marks each. Students have to attend all the 7 questions given in this section though some are having internal choices. 5 questions each carrying 5 marks is there in the section E. Candidates have to go through the syllabus to score good in this paper.

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