History Teacher - How to Become a History Teacher?


History Teachers are those who educate students on the historical aspects of the past. They teach students on various cultures and civilizations which prevailed and is still prevailing in our country. They expose students to historical events with abundance of dates and facts that happened across the world. The history teacher provides lecture sessions and notes to students regarding the facts mentioned above. The main responsibilities of the teacher include planning and presenting sessions, performance evaluation of students, and then communicating the same to them. The performance of the student is evaluated through assignments, homework, test papers and so on. They offer classroom sessions with the help of visual aids, textbooks, and other resources required for the same.

Qualifying Exam

The qualification required for history teachers may vary with respect to their grade. Those working in primary classes require mere graduation in the subject. For teaching in secondary classes, the candidate should possess post graduation in the subject along with B. Ed degree. To become a History teacher in governmental sector the candidate has to pass exams carried out by central or state government agencies. However plus two teachers require an additional qualification of SET.

Who are eligible to apply?

The eligibility requirement depends on the class level of study. Those with graduation in History can get in to the role of a primary teacher in private schools. Most of the schools prefer PGs in History with B.Ed as the necessary qualification for secondary education. Those with PG in History and SET qualification can apply for the post of History teacher in higher secondary schools

Key elements in the process

  • Pursue HSC course preferably in Arts subject
  • Pursue graduation or Post graduation in History according to the requirement of the job
  • Obtain B.Ed from any of the reputed Colleges
  • Obtain SET if required
  • Search and apply for the post of History Teacher in schools that offers the same

Skills required for a History Teacher

This career is an excellent choice for students who are interested in teaching profession. They should possess sound knowledge in the subject. Good interaction and communication among students is required to do well in the job. Patience and creativity are also preferred for those who get engaged in the role of a History Teacher.



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    am student of b.a history and am passed with 41per.my percentes in 10th 41 and 12th 50..pls advice me to next step.

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    mahendra kumar:


    am student of b.a.programme final year i want to do m.a. in history but now my percentes is 45 in b.a. programme so i can do it, but my percentes in 10th 51 12th 58 so how to possible it