How can B.Tech in Bio-Technology help in environment benefits?


The graduate level program in biotechnology offers its students with a variety of career opportunities. The majority of these job opportunities are available for aspirants within industries that are mainly intended to look out for the more basic needs of our people as well as the other requirements of our environment.

With the increase in population, the disposal of wastes, the treatment of the sick etc has become quite difficult in some places, especially in the third world countries. But with the increase in the development in the field of biotechnology within our country and abroad, an option to increase the life span of people has come up. Biotechnology not only gives a person more knowledge on how to deal with problems regarding mankind, but also to alleviate problems that arise in our environment. More particulars on how biotechnology can benefit the environment are given below.

The benefits of studying this course:

A B.Tech graduate in Biotechnology can get jobs with a variety of fields in India. In our country, aspirants can explore their career options in the fields mentioned below:

  • Bio-processing industries
  • Chemicals
  • Dairy and horticulture institutes
  • Department of Biotechnology (DBT) of the Indian Government
  • Drug and pharmaceutical research
  • Energy
  • Environment control
  • Food processing
  • Public funded laboratories
  • Several agriculture institutions
  • Waste management

Within the private sector, scores of job opportunities are at hand for biotechnologists with firms such as:

  • Dabur
  • Dr Reddy’s Labs
  • Hindustan Lever
  • Ranbaxy

Besides good career opportunities, aspirants are given very handsome pay packages. Ample job opportunities are also at hand for biotechnologists within the chemical industry, textile industry and the more important food processing industry.

What all ways is biotechnology helpful to the environment?

Students who have finished their B.Tech in Biotechnology course will have the opportunity to get involved in many processes that are mainly intended to help the environment. A few ways by which biotechnology provides aid to the environment is given below:

  • Prevention of diseases
  • Finding out new cures
  • Better methods to dispose hazardous wastes
  • Manufacture as well as sales of safer products that are far less dangerous for the environment.
  • Developing of sensitive as well as rapid detection method for different types of pollutants
  • Discovery of better technologies for the degradation in addition to the conversion of waste materials those are readily biodegradable.

From the above mentioned pointers, we can understand how much importance Biotechnology has for our environment. Students who have completed their graduate level degree in biotechnology can help with the research with R&D firms or get jobs with organizations that help in the modifying as well as prevention of the misusing our environment.



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