Civil Engineering and its contribution in the development of world


In our country we are currently witnessing a massive growth in the development of structures. This includes building of new structures in addition to the renovation of the already existing ones. The intention behind this is not only to make the place where we are residing more beautiful for the eye, but also to make the world a much safer place to live in.

Specialists of civil engineering are the main reason behind the beautifying of a society. Even if we look back a few years we will be able to find that the beautiful structures that are currently standing proudly in our midst were not there decades before. This was basically because civil engineering and experts of this field were not much in demand then. One other reason for the rise in demand of civil engineers is the increase in the number of construction sites. In this article we are going to talk about how and why civil engineering is important to the society and what its contributions to the world are.

Contribution of Civil Engineering

Many do not realize the importance of civil engineers within the society. By developing the infrastructure for our society, they are basically giving shape to the history of our nations. One might ask how this might be possible. By giving shape to the society, civil engineers are essentially building the backbone for the world to relax on. Only by going deep into the duties that civil engineers do can one understand the importance of their job and their many responsibilities.

Specialization in Civil Engineering:

The curriculum of the civil engineering program encompasses the study of the fundamental sciences in engineering. Besides this, it is designed to introduce aspirants into the many different types of problems that civil engineers have to face every day.

Civil Engineering in India

Students of civil engineering are creating new methods to make the lifestyles of people more comfortable. They do this by building comfortable houses or renovating them as per as the needs of their clienteles. This in fact leads to the development of the nation and in turn, the world.

Because of the various career opportunities available, freshers will get the chance to try out innovative ideas. The many contributions of civil engineers could be seen in many well known structures within our country and abroad. Students of civil Engineering are employed with all major construction companies for different projects that are performed by the State or Central Governments, private sector firms, the defense and engineering services etc. Included in the career prospects foe engineers is the option for them to take up the profession of a teacher with colleges or start a consultancy of their own.

Top firms that recruit civil Engineers in India:

  • DLF
  • Frischmann Prabhu
  • Gammon India
  • Hindustan Construction Company:
  • Larsen & Toubro
  • Nagarjuna Construction Company:
  • Punj Lloyd
  • Shapoorji Pallonji & Company
  • Sobha Developers Limited
  • Tata Projects
  • Unitech

These firms carry out recruitment annually for taking in aspirants into their many departments. Jobs are available for civil engineering with the Middle East and European countries as well.



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    Which is the most suitable catagory for girls in civil engineering?

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