How to study aerospace engineering abroad?


Aerospace engineering is a much in demand subject, because of the tremendous scope and application of the subject. The term rocket science is used for Aerospace engineering. Aerospace engineering deals with the following areas:

  • Aviation
  • Space exploration
  • Development of civil and military aircrafts
  • Development of space crafts
  • Development of satellites
  • Development of missiles

Aerospace engineering requires work to be done in design and manufacture of extremely high technological systems. Aerospace engineers usually work in teams, are highly paid and they need to be physically fit. Apart from this, they should also have an eye for detail and excellent mathematical talent.

Application procedure for doing Masters in aerospace engineering

There are many universities in Europe and USA, which conduct post graduate courses in aerospace engineering. Students will have to submit their application forms online. International students need to apply for their forms in advance. GRE scores can be submitted along with application forms. International students are also required to give TOEFL.

Eligibility criteria for doing masters in aerospace engineering abroad

Their main requirement is that the candidate should have a good score or grade in the graduate examinations. Usually 3 out of 4 is a good GPA or Grade point average. Apart from this US universities require GRE and TOEFL. If one is opting to study in France or Germany, then these exams are not required. But it may vary from one university to the other. If one is opting to study in the USA, then high GRE scores are required. One has to keep in mind that the US universities do not only consider GRE scores. Various other aspects are also looked into. Some of them are like for example TOEFL scores, statement of purpose, resume and reference letters.

Exam qualification criteria for admission to aerospace engineering abroad

For admission to Post graduate courses in aerospace engineering abroad, the minimum GRE score is 1150.The minimum verbal score should be 400 and the minimum quantitative score should be 700.These scores are mandatory and without these scores no university will give admissions. However universities in France or Germany may conduct their own tests.

List of universities offering Aerospace engineering abroad

This is the list of institutes which offer admission based on respective GRE scores.

  • Oklahoma state university
  • University of Texas
  • West Virginia university
  • University of Tennessee

This is only a brief idea as to how one can get admission to Post graduate courses abroad in aerospace engineering. Care must be taken to see what the requirement of the universities is and then the candidates should plan accordingly to get into them.



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  1. 7
    Rashedul Islam:

    I have completed my BSc. in Mechanical Engineering from Bangladesh Univarsity of Engineering & Technology in 2009. My age is 29 years. Now I am doing a job in Government section & have a study gap of around 4 years. Having this study gap, do I have any chance of getting scholarship in US Univarsity?

  2. 6

    how can we study the B.tec of space technology without entrance exams?and where?

  3. 5
    Abhishek Lath:

    Hi, i’m currently doing computer science engg from BITS Pilani Goa campus. i want to pursue aerospace engg and have plans to give iitjee. After 4 years of aerospace engg, should i go abroad to do MS? Can i study abroad and get a good job back in india?Should i continue with computer Science engg and then go for MS? Please help.

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    Ankur Sachan:

    Saleries after doing MS in Aerospace Engg. from US?

  5. 3

    is there any chance to get a monthly scholarship during study in us. ??? is there any exam for a monthly scholarship for international student????

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    I am Bsc(IT) appeared student and i want to do aerospace engineering diploma from germany in 2012 “am i eligible for the aerospace eng diploma?” if yes then which college do u prefer for me which has good reputation in aerospace departement and with affordable fees in germany. i have also completed A1 level of german language and doing next level.

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    kumar sanjeev dutta:

    what are the books taught in IITs,BITS Pilani and ISI Kolkatta in 1st year (1st semester).