Industrial Designer - How to Become an Industrial Designer?


Those who are involved in the design of mass produced goods are simply referred to as an industrial designer. They are responsible for the design of production and process management cycle in manufacturing industrial firms. They design products ranging from local items such as toothbrushes to hi-tech products such as computers, Automobiles, etc. They employ principles of engineering and business in designing items that people use on daily basis. They determine the shape, size and colour of the product according to the changing needs of the customer.

The safety and functional aspects of product are also taken in to account at the time of design. The outline of the product is made with the aid of computer-aided industrial design (CAID) and computer-aided design (CAD) tools.

Qualifying Exam

The bachelor’s degree in Industrial design/Mechanical/Civil engineering is the necessary qualification required for the post of Industrial designer. Bachelor of architecture degree holders is also eligible for the position of the same. After completion of the course, the candidate has to go through certain competitive test in order to get in to the post of industrial designer.

Who are eligible to apply?

The candidates who have completed their graduation in any of the areas of industrial design or mechanical or Civil Engineering are eligible to apply for the post. At the entry level, they can apply to junior level positions in industrial firms. By gaining experience in entry-level post, they can move in to the position of Industrial designer.

Key elements in the process

  • Pursue 12th class with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics as subjects.
  • Obtain bachelors degree in Industrial design/mechanical/Civil engineering
  • Obtain adequate experience by working in any of the reputed industrial firms.
  • Search and apply for the position of Industrial Designer

Skills required for an industrial designer

The candidate should possess a creative approach and an artistic eye in designing things. Updated knowledge on the changing trends of industry and application of the same in design are often expected from candidates who are involved in this type of business. Good problem solving and time management skills are also preferred for those who intend to get into this profession. Sound Interpersonal and communication skills are desirable for the position of the same.



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