Is B.Sc getting out of Trend?


In this modern era, with so much stiff competition, Bachelor of Science is obviously not the first choice of the students, but is surely not out of the trend. The main reason that this course does not become the prime choice of the students is the need and opportunities of the various Professional courses.

Professional courses like Bachelor of Technology, Bachelor of Computer application, MBBS etc has captured a very strong position in the market. The job opportunities and the popularity have certainly made them very popular amongst the youngsters, but this has in no terms out dates the old stiff B.Sc course.

Many believe that in a country like India, it becomes impossible for every child to get into the Professional courses, as the seats are limited. Hence a lot has to go for B.Sc courses because they don’t get admission in these professional courses. But this is not true. There are wide job opportunities in B.Sc courses also. Rather there are plenty of subjects in which Bachelor of Science is the only educational degree that is offered.
B.Sc courses are also popular amongst the majority because of the wide availability of the course. B.Sc courses are much more easily available and have plenty of colleges offering it. On the other hand Professional courses like B.Tech or MBBS are offered by fewer colleges in comparison to the number of colleges offering B.Sc courses.

Seeing the current competition in the market amongst candidates pursuing the professional courses, it is much safer to pursue B.Sc courses.



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2 Responses to “Is B.Sc getting out of Trend?”

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    i completed DEEE
    now i like to choose bsc electronics
    can i get 2 nd year laterlal entry in this

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    Mohsin Shaikh:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to do in Geology and then in petroleum geology …From M S UNIVERSITY of baroda..

    what is the job opportunity and pay and perks..?

    kindly inform me…