Jharkhand Board Class 10 Mathematics Papers


Jharkhand Board Class 10 Mathematics Papers is as important as the others, and also helps in further studies. The candidates need to follow each and every instruction to solve this paper. Candidates can expect to have questions from all departments starting from Arithmetic to Algebra and from Trigonometry to Geometry.

Section present in the paper:

The complete paper is divided into three sections like section A, B and C. The paper has a total of 25 questions.

Pattern of the paper:

All the 25 questions are compulsory and need to complete within three hours. The paper pattern is not so typical. The first section questions are simple arithmetic and algebraic calculations and the next sections is included with graphical, algebraically and trigonometrically problems. The last section carries questions from typical trigonometry as well as arithmetic problems.

Markings evaluated by the University:

The first section carries 20 marks where a total of 10 questions, each carrying 2 marks and the second one carries 30 marks in which a total of 10 questions, each questions is of 3 marks. The last one includes 5 questions and carry 6 marks each which means it carries 30 marks.

Time allotted for examination:

Candidates have to solve the paper within three hours which is set by the Jharkhand Board.

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    Samu mardi:

    If 15 cotA = 8, then find the values of sinA and secA.

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    Akash kr. Dutta:

    Root under (x) + y = 7
    and, x + root under (y) = 11
    then, solve the equation and find the value of x and y

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    jayant sharma: