Jobs after MBA in IT


Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Technology is a post graduation program of 2 years duration which enables aspirants to build up a career in this most demanded field. Scholars in this area can look for a well settled career. There have numerous job opportunities available in India and also most of the foreign countries. It is a highly rewarding career as well which provides great benefits for young talents coming up in this field. They have job openings in both Private and also Public sector.

Private Sector Jobs after MBA in IT

After successfully completing MBA in IT, one can work as Chief Technology Officer and also as Information Systems Manager in various firms which have application of IT. Another commonly chosen job profile by MBA in IT graduates is Computer Information Specialist. They can find job openings in Telecom industry and also in Technology oriented firms. MBA in IT professionals can also find career opportunities in Defense, Space agencies and also in Automobile sector. The top IT firms that recruit these scholars include the following.

  • Infosys
  • IBM
  • Accenture
  • TCS
  • CTS
  • L&T

Aspirants who will be able to find career openings in these firms can enjoy various other perks along with a good salary package. With sufficient experience, skills and also knowledge in the field they will be benefited even more.

Government Sector Jobs after MBA in IT

Government sector also provides platform for MBA in IT professionals to build up a career in the IT field by offering various career opportunities in several under takings. BSNL is one such firm that is in need of these graduates in the Government sector. Civil services and Defense departments are yet another career options for these graduates. They have also numerous job openings in Indian Railways and also Indian Air Force. Reputed Government sector firms like Doordarshan (Prasarbharthi) and also ISRO recruits these professionals. They have good remuneration in these firms. They will get promoted to higher designations in a short span of time and that will reflect in their salary packages as well.

Job Prospects Abroad after MBA in IT

MBA in IT professionals are of great demand abroad as well. The most popular international firms offering placement for these graduates include the following.

  • Microsoft
  • Apple

Various under takings functioning abroad provide job openings for these professionals. Very good remuneration is also offered for these people in reputed organizations.



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