Jobs in Educational Sector


Besides Food and Shelter, the most necessary thing needed by man is education. One cannot sustain the civilization if he is uneducated. We can say that education is the light that leads people into their futures. It also is responsible for the development of one’s personality. All the major countries of the world give crucial importance to education. Because of this, the number of school, colleges and other educational institutions that are coming up are quite high. As a result, the job opportunities will be high too.  Details about jobs in the educational sectors are as follows:

Job areas in Educational Sector

  • Education Administration - People who work in this department have designations like Principal, Assistant Principal and Director.
  • Kindergarten Teaching – People of this department are Teachers in Kindergarten Schools
  • Elementary Teaching -  Individuals of this section are Teachers in Elementary School
  • Middle School Teaching – People in this section are Teachers in Middle School schools
  • Secondary School Teaching - People in this section are Teachers in Secondary schools
  • Postsecondary School Teaching - People in this section are Professors and Lecturers
  • Special Education Teaching - People in this section are Teachers of students who are mentally ill or are handicapped.
  • Teacher Assistants and Aides - People in this section are teaching staff and education aides. They support the schools’ teaching staff by helping them in non-teaching tasks.
  • Education Management - People in this section are in managerial and policy-development posts.
  • Education Officer - People in this section are Education officers who carry out research for recommendations on curriculum as well as resource requirements for educational institutions.
  • Adult Literacy – People of this section provide education for adults who are illiterate.
  • Education Trainers – People of this section hold position like Teachers and lecturers etc. They impart education to other educators.

Job Perspective in Educational Sector

The field of education is very vast. It is because of this that different skills and a varied type of training skills are needed for different levels. The demand for qualified professionals in the field of education is quite high and this won’t lessen any time soon. On the basis of the current as well as future manpower requirements of the many sectors, once can determine that the demand for individuals in the educational field is quite high.  This field is extremely rewarding. Apart from the very good income, it is the area where one gets the chance to influence young minds. Because of the huge number of schools today, there will never be any dearth for jobs for teachers.

Pay scale of Education Jobs

The pay scale of individuals in the field of teaching will vary as per as the nature of the job as well as the institution that employs them. The pay scale of these people is determined by the central pay commission and the renewal of this is done timely as per the recommendations received. The yearly income of a high school teacher will range from Rs. 85, 311 to Rs.481, 724. But that of a college professor will be as much as Rs.40, 000- Rs. 80,000 a month. Those with more proficiency will earn in lakhs each month.



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