Jobs in IT sector by other degrees other than B.Tech


IT sector, today’s most rising and most demanding section of the corporate world. It has been a great support in reducing the rate of unemployment from our country. Every youth in today’s world has a dream of joining the IT sector and move with its pace. They also serve their employees with handsome salaries attracting more persons.


Mainly, the students after completion of their degrees from any of the recognized institution enter the world of IT through their college campusing or by trying off campus. There is a lot of competition in IT sector and after this terrifying recession period, it has become more.

While the B.Tech students are entering in this sector in a huge number, still there is a lot of opportunities for the ones having some other degree. Nowadays, the students after completion of their 10+2 exam, enters into the BPOs for part time jobs and some are also making it as their profession.

The technical section in the IT sectors requires someone who is experienced in handling the technical problems occurring frequently. These jobs are not fulfilled by the engineers, so the specialized ones are needed here. Other than this, the main sector for employment is the BPOs where there is no criterion of holding a B.Tech degree. Any student after completion of 10+2 can join it, if he/she has speaking ability in the required languages.

The degrees like B.Sc in the department of Information Technology also serve as a great platform for the placement of their students in IT sectors.



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6 Responses to “Jobs in IT sector by other degrees other than B.Tech”

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    How can we go through BPOs to enter in IT feild after completion of 10+2?

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    How can we go through BPOs after completion of 10+2?

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    Pl guide me how to get opportunities for B.Tech Textile technology candidates

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    Priya Maheshwari:

    How can i enter in aviation as a pilot after competing 3rd year of

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    Man Mohan Sharma:

    I am bba graduate, from last two years working in kpo , i did not complete my mbs, now days. what option is good for me either to do mba part time or a good demanding I.T course to swith in i,t industry. Suggest me


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    bscelectronics and communications mscelectronics btech electronis which is more employable