Jobs in Insurance sector


Insurance sector provides numerous opportunities for candidates every year. Job in the insurance sector is always target oriented. There are several types of insurance which include Insurance on buildings, vehicle insurance, medical insurance life insurance etc. Insurance provide financial safety and security and are very much helpful at times of disease accidents, death etc

Job as an insurance officer requires patience and involves making the public aware about the positive aspects of insurance. The policy holder can choose an insurance plan of his own choice and can pay a premium for fixed number of years based on the plan.

There are many insurance companies in the sector which offers various schemes as per the requirement of the client. They also provide wide range of opportunities. The insurance agent has to convince potential clients to become an insurance holder. Those employed in the insurance sector need good communication skills, convincing ability and patience so that will be successful in building up a bright career and future.

Insurance Sector Job Profiles

  • Actuaries
  • Insurance broker
  • Business Insurance
  • Free Health Insurance
  • Health Insurance Underwriter
  • Individual Health Insurance Representative
  • Insurance adjuster
  • Insurance manager
  • Insurance agent
  • Insurance Group Representative
  • Insurance Claims Clerk
  • Travel Insurance Agent
  • Insurance Commissioner
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Insurance Department
  • Insurance executive
  • Company Health Insurance
  • Insurance Investigators
  • Health Insurance Agent
  • Insurance marketing
  • Insurance policy processing
  • Company Insurance
  • Insurance sales
  • Insurance underwriter
  • Employee Health Insurance
  • Life Insurance Underwriter
  • Medical Insurance Representative
  • Advertisement Insurance
  • Insurance claims processing
  • Life Insurance Agents
  • Insurance Company Representative
  • Insurance administrator
  • Insurance Producer

Pay scale of Insurance jobs

The pay obtained by the candidate in the government sector will depend on the position they hold in the job. Allowances are also provided along with the basic pay. In private sector, the pay is more attractive and job opportunities are more in number. They also hire management graduates with marketing and sales specialization. Private sector companies might pay a basic salary of Rs 15,000 to 25000 per month. The employee in the insurance sector will get commission based on the type and amount of insurance sold. On meeting their targets they will get a bonus also which will increase the income they earn from the job. The insurance companies come under the ambit of IRDA.

Pros about Jobs in Insurance Sector

Job in the insurance sector is highly challenging. It provides t opportunities for the candidates to flourish well in the respective field which provides the employees with high salary and reputed position. Targets will keep them motivated and there always exists a healthy competition among the employees.

Cons about Jobs in Insurance Sector

The targets will put the employees in stress. There won’t be any uniformity in pay which may lead to ego problems and crisis between employees. At the initial stages of employment the employees needs to work really hard to meet their targets which can demotivate the employees.



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