Kerala University, PGDDN (Post Graduate Diploma In Development Neurology) Papers


The Post Graduate Diploma In Development Neurology from Kerala University requires a minimum qualification of MBBS or an MD or a diploma ND. It is a one year course. There are five papers under this course, namely paper 1, 2, 3 and 4 and an additional one on project work.

Paper pattern:

Early Child Development code of the paper being CDC/PGD-DN 01, Developmental Clinical Neurology paper coded as CDC/PGD-DN 02, Assessment and Intervention in Developmental Neurology paper coded as CDC/PGD-DN 03, Diagnostic Modalities – Principles & Practice coded as CDC/PGD-DN 04 forms the four papers of this course. These papers are all subjective type papers and one needs to have a thorough knowledge on the topics to be able to qualify the papers. It is a paper based on case studies and medical terminology and one needs to concentrate on the diagrammatic basics to be able to enhance ones answers.

Maximum time and marks:

The maximum marks for the Post Graduate Diploma in Development Neurology papers namely 1, 2, 3 and 4 are 100 marks each with a time limit of three hours to complete the papers. The project work paper is also of 100 marks and the total marks for the entire course is 500 marks.

Frequently asked questions:

The topics that find major importance in the papers are Neuroanatomy outlines and the detailed study including case studies and detailed case histories like coma, headache, central nervous system infections and other toxic or metabolic disorders. Development of comprehensive differential diagnosis, neurological history and background family check for the development of the diseases and correct identification of the same. Other topics are temporal development, developmental psychology, development of linguistic competence etc


Neurology in clinical practice by W.G.Bradley
Localization in Clinical Neurology by Paul W. Brazis

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