List of Colleges in Sambalpur University, Sambalpur


Orissa State Legislature passed the Sambalpur University Act on the 10th of December 1966 to meet the long felt educational requirement of the people of western Orissa for a university.

The functioning of the university began on the 1st of January 1967 and it was inaugurated on the 4th of January the same year. Initially, the functioning of the university began in a borrowed building and later it was shifted to a building belonging to government, where it functioned from 1968-1972. After this, in the year 1973, it was transferred to the current campus at Burla popularly called as Jyoti Vihar.

A total of 10 districts in the state of Orissa are coming under the jurisdiction of this university and more than 20 post-graduate departments are functioning under it. The list of colleges affiliated to the university is given below:

B. Ed Colleges:

Chaitanya College of Education

Nabakrushna Choudhary College of Teacher Education

District Institute of Education and Training

D.A.V. College of Teacher Education

Berhampur Government Primary Teachers Training Institute

B.J. Training College

Anandpur Anchalika Training College

Dr. P M Institute of Advanced Study in Education, Sambalpur

Government Training College, Balangir

Nursing College:

Sambalpur Nursing College

Medical Colleges:

Indira Gandhi Memorial Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital

Kaviraj Ananta Tripathy Sharma Ayurved Mahavidyalaya

Mayurbhanj Ayurved Mahavidyalaya

Govt. Ayurved College, Balangir

Orissa Medical College of Homoeopathy & Research, Sambalpur

Sri Nrusinghnath Ayurved College & Research Institute, Sambalpur

Utkalmani Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Rourkela

V S S Medical College, Burla, Sambalpur

Law Colleges:

Balgangadhar Tilak Law College, Sonepur

Bargarh Law College, Bargarh

Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Law College, Dharmagarh

Kalahandi Law College, Kalahandi

Bolangir Law College, Bolangir

Kalahandi Law College, Kalahandi

Lajpat Rai Law College, Sambalpur

Rourkela Law College, Rourkela

Pharmacy Colleges:

K M Institute of Pharmacy

Kanak Manjari Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Rourkela

Engineering Colleges:

University College of Engineering, Burla, Sambalpur

Regional Engineering College, Rourkela, Sundargarh

Other Colleges:

Panchayat Samiti Degree College

Rourkela Institute of Management Studies

Tushra Degree College

U H College, Rourkela

A E S College, Tarva, Balangir

Agalpur Panchayat Samiti College, Routh, Balangir

Anchal College, Padmapur, Bargarli

Anchallik Kisan College, Bheden, Sambalpur

Asian Workers Development Institute, Rourkela, Sundergarh

Athmalik College, Athmalik

Attabira College, Attabira, Sambalpur

Bamara College, Bamara

Barpali College, Barpali, Bargarh

Bhima Bhoi College, Rairakhol, Sambalpur

Bijepur College, Bijepur

Birmaharajpur College, Birmaharajpur, Subarnnapur

Bonaigarh College, Bonaigarh, Sundergarh

Boudh Panchayat College, Boudh, Boudh

Brajrajnagar College, Brajrajnagar, Sambalpur

Burla College Burla, Sambalpur

Burla N A C College, Burla, Sambalpur

College of Arts, Science & Technology, Bandonurda

D A V College, Titilagarh, Bolangir

D S College, Loida, Sambalpur

Dalima College, Jharbeda Campus Rajganpur, Sundargarh

Deogarh College, Deogarh, Sambalpur

Dharamgarh Panchayat College, Dharamgarh, Kalahandi

Dr J K Sahu College, Parmanpur, Sambalpur

Dunguripali College, Dunguripali

Evening College, Sambalpur

Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Rourkela, Sundargarh

Gangadhar Maher College, Sambalpur, Sambalpur

Gangadhar Maher Govt. (Evening) College, Sambalpur

GHESS College, Ghess, Bargarh, Sambalpur

Gokal Parvati Rural College, Kuntra, Sambalpur

Government College, Rourkela, Sundergarh

Government Evening College, Rourkela, Sundargarh

Govt Women’s College, Sundergarh

Ispat College, Rourkela, Sundargarh

Janta College, Boinda, Dhenkanal

Jawaharlal College, Patnagarh, Bolangir

Kesinga Mahavidyalaya, Kesinga, Kalahandi

Khariar College, Khariar, Braj Bihar Nawpara, Kala Hani

Kuchinda College, Kuchinda, Sambalpur

Larambha College, Larambha, Bargarh

Laxminarayan College, Jharsuguda, Jharsuguda

Lohani Para College, Lohani Para

Loisingha College, Loisingha

Madanpur Rampur College, Madanpur Rampur, Kalahandi

Municipal College, Rourkela, Sundargarh

N A C College, Hirakud, Sambalpur

N S C B College, Sambalpur

National College, Nawapara, Nawpara

Nehashaila College, Jagada, Rourkela

P M Mahavidyalaya, Jaida

P S College, Loisingha

Pallishree College, Chichinda, Sambalpur

Panchayat Govt. College, Bargarh, Distt. Bargarh

Panchayat College, Dharamgarh, Dist Kalahandi

Panchayat Samiti College, Bargaon, Sundargarh

Panchayat Samiti College, Belpara, Bolangir

Panchayat Samiti College, Saintala

Rajendra College, Bolangir, Distt. Bolangir

Rourkela Evening College, Rourkela

S G Women College, Rourkela, Sundargarh

S M College Rampela Dist. Sambalpur

Sabati Devi Women’s College, Raigangpur, Sundargarh

Science (Govt) College, Rourkela, Sundargarh

Shamasakti College, Biramitrapur, Sundargarh

Siddhartha College, Binka, Bolangir

Sinapali College, Sinapali

Sonepur College, Sonepur Raj, Subarnapur

Sri Ram College, Rampur, Bolangir

Sundargarh College, Sundargarh

Surajmal College, Rampela, Sambalpur

Sushilavati Govt. Women’s College, Rourkela, Sundergarh

Trust Fund College, Sambalpur

Ulunda College, Ulunda, Sarmbalpur

Vedavyas Mahavidyalaya, Vedavyas Pamposh

Vesaja Patel College, Hemgir, Sundargarh

Women’s College, Bargarh

Women’s College, Bolangir

Women’s College, Jharsuguda, Sundergarh

Women’s College, Sambalpur

Women’s College, Sundargarh

The campus of Sambalpur University includes 10 post-graduate hostels, of which 6 are for gents and 4 are for ladies. The campus includes several facilities like study room with magazines and newspapers, common room with television, STD booth, first aid room, guest room, central canteen, etc…

In addition to these there are also two nationalized banks, a police out-post, a community center, a faculty house, an auditorium, health center and post office. Above all, the campus also includes a central library called as Prof. B. Behera Central library and the library contains books under different categories with a number of periodicals and the library is a member of University Grants Commission’s infonet and is partly computerized with SOUL software.



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