List of Postgraduate Courses in Psychology


Psychology is the study of the human mind and his behavior.  The minimum criterion needed is a BA/BSc Degree in Psychology with aggregate 50% marks. Post Graduate courses in Psychology prepare students to get acquainted with the Human Mind. The students are given a chance to study and talk to people from various parts of the society, they are given forums, discussions etc. the students must have a keen and capable mind, a knack to identify and find the mistake or complications in a person who they check. A passion for knowledge and a neat disciplined life enables the student to pass his post graduation courses with a high success rate.

List of Postgraduate Courses

  • Ph. D. in Applied Psychology / Psychology
  • MA in Applied Psychology / Psychology
  • M.Sc. in Applied Psychology / Psychology
  • Post Doctoral
  • Rehabilitation Psychology
  • RCI approved PG Diploma
  • Counseling Psychology

There are several areas in Psychology like:

  • Applied Cognitive Psychology
  • Industrial & Organizational Psychology
  • Rehabilitation Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Stress Management and Counseling
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Applied Social Psychology
  • Research Methodology and Psychometrics
  • Environmental Psychology
  • Human Resource Development and Management

These wide varieties of courses enable the students to get in more contact with the weakness and the complications of the Human Brain and its causes. They can study, research and experience firsthand the deep layers of the mind and the various problems the every day man faces due to these conditions.

There are several PG diploma courses offered by several recognized colleges all over India. The MA course in Psychology takes 2 years and the BA/B.Sc   requires 3 years to complete. In the various divisions of the job, the colleges offer courses in stress management, forensic psychology, educational psychology etc. These courses prepare the students to help people where ever he goes.

Career Prospects

Psychology opens up wide range of job opportunities for candidates. A physiologist can easily find jobs in schools, collages, universities as a councilor particularly and also as clinical psychologists in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes. Various developmental agencies, rehabilitation centre, prisons, youth guidance and NGOs are recruiting psychologists for counseling and rehabilitation of patients.  Industries and corporate also require psychologists for personnel administration, management and marketing problems. A professional psychologist job tends to be very tough. Even though the remuneration is excellent and is depended on qualification, specialization and experience. School, collages and NGOs offer a remuneration of Rs 10000 to 20000 per month and the corporate or industries the earning is even higher. Being a lecturer is also a profitable job. Nevertheless private practitioners have the highest earnings of them all.



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    scope after master in counseling and psychotherapy. ,

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    anooja pk:

    i am doing my graduation in BA general from Indira Gandi National open l it possible for me to apply any post graduate courses in psychology?

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    which are the colleges in India offering school psychology.what is the eligibility and scope?

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    I have done M.A. in psychology from garhwal university and PG diploma in Counselling Psychology. Working as Counselling Psychologist in A School in Faridabad. I want to do something to be equiped to help children and adolecent.
    What i can do?

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    Ashim Nandy:

    I learnt that there is a very good college in Mumbai offering post graduation course in psycology.

    Can you please let me know the list of colleges please.


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    Namaskar, i did b.a. with psychology,46%marks.after 15years I want to do psychology.I keenly wont to do that.i dont know english.I know hindi & gujrati.please give me full gaudance .Ican persue it through correspondence mode.wich isnow good m.a. in psychology or m.a. in clinical psychology?I m living in between haidwar & dehradun.this is the only way to fullfill my dream.please give me reaply as soon as possible.being a lady i want to be psychatrit doctor.thank you very much.

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    Roopali Jain:

    hello…i am a graduate and i am really interested in learning psychology so i wanted to know can i directly pursue Masters in Psychology?

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    Roopali Jain:

    i am a graduate, i just wanted to know can i directly do masters in psychology? i am really interested in studying the subject…please reply soon…

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    I have done BSc in Nursing and i am presently working in indian army. for which masters programme in psychology I am eligible for and I want to persue it through correspondence mode.

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    1) Required marks in bechuler degree for doing B. SC. in psychology.
    2) Annual fees
    3) Admission session

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    Maitreye Sen:

    I’m M.A in Sociology in distant mode from Annamalai University and working as acousellor in Thalassaemia Contrl Unit in North Bengal Medical College, Darjeeling since May 2009. Can I have any opportunity for joinnning RCI approved course in Clinical Psychology?

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    hi i am doing my m.phil regular in psychology madras university affiliated college,what can i do after that for further studies

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    Gurpreet kaur:

    I have done M.A.psychology from GNDU in 2000.Now working as a cousellor in overseas consultancy. but i want to work with some NGO ,how do i apply or how do i approach.

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    PG courses offered in counselling psychology in recognized university/college