Difference between Sociology and Psychology


Sociology is a branch of social science that deals with the study of human social behavior and its origins. However, Psychology is a sub division of metaphysics that studies the soul, the brain, and the relationship of life and mind.

Sociology courses and career opportunities

There are various courses in sociology that an aspirant can pursue. Graduation in sociology is enough for getting entry-level jobs in the sector. However, masters’ and PhD courses in sociology may help the candidates in improving their work atmosphere. These professionals can seek out for jobs in the Government sector like organizations doing social works and services. They have wide scope within the country and overseas. Most of these professionals may do research in analytical social work that may be highly beneficial to the society as a whole.

Psychology courses and career opportunities

Various Universities and institutes offer different courses in Psychology. There are undergraduate and postgraduate courses in the respective fields that an aspirant can pursue so as to become a Psychologist. Those who have completed the research programs in any of their interesting topics can get employments in public or private undertakings. These research analysts may have to conduct further research on human mind. On completion of the various programs in Psychology, professionals can seek for careers in rehabilitation centers, clinics or in hospitals. They can also get employments in schools and colleges as counselors.

Key differentiators between Sociology and Psychology

Sociology deals with the study of groups of people (communities) and the way they are affected by exterior sources whereas Psychology is concerned with the study of the manner the brain functions and how it affects the way people behave. Sociology tends to scrutinize groups of persons (societies), communities, and nations whereas Psychology examines more of the mechanism of the human mind, why persons think and act as they do. The former deals with a large number of people, like a society. But the latter is concerned with an individuals’ mind and its vibrations. Sociologists may work for the betterment of a society whereas Psychologists may work for the development of an individual.



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