Marketing Jobs in Mumbai


The term marketing refers to buying and selling of various goods and services. Marketing sector provides a lot of job opportunities to the eligible candidates with good interest in this field. The job opportunities in marketing field are more in India. In India, Mumbai provides the best opportunities to the upcoming talents in this field.

Marketing Job profiles in Mumbai

The marketing field includes a wide area of functions. Below are the some of the functions in this area:

  • Marketing strategies
  • Digital marketing
  • Promotion
  • Branding
  • Media
  • Online marketing
  • Marketing research
  • Advertizing

The job profile depends on the specific field of interest of the candidate. Some of the general job profiles in marketing include the following:

  • Marketing administrator
  • Marketing analyst
  • Marketing assistant
  • Marketing assistant manager
  • Marketing associate
  • Marketing chief officer
  • Marketing communications coordinator
  • Marketing communications director
  • Marketing communications manager
  • Marketing consultant
  • Marketing coordinator
  • Marketing director
  • Marketing executive
  • Marketing intern
  • Marketing manager
  • Marketing officer
  • Marketing rep
  • Marketing research
  • Marketing specialist
  • Marketing supervisor
  • Sales and marketing manager
  • VP marketing

Qualification needed for marketing jobs in Mumbai

The required qualification in a marketing job sector depends on the area of function chosen by the candidate. The basic qualification required for most of the areas of marketing is a degree in marketing. But the same is not necessary. It is must if one desires career progression. Some job profiles demand certain other certifications also. Some of the qualifications demanded by certain organizations include the following:

  • CAM Diploma
  • CIM
  • IAB
  • MRS
  • IDM
  • Degree in Journalism

Finding marketing jobs in Mumbai

Candidates can choose any of the following means for finding various jobs in the marketing sector:

  • Go through the official website of the interested firms
  • By contacting the corresponding HR personnel
  • Register your name through various consultancy services
  • Employee referrals

Marketing Firms in Mumbai

  • IBD India Private Limited
  • SEO India
  • The Hs Group of Companies
  • Adweb Technologies
  • PLS Direct Marketing Company
  • Pethe Industrial marketing Company
  • AAK Group of Companies
  • Ethinos Digital Marketing Agency
  • Bombay Marketing Company
  • Industrial Marketing Company
  • Jaipan Multilevel Marketing Company
  • Flamingo Marketing Company

Recruitment Process for marketing jobs in Mumbai

The firms will advertise in newspapers or in websites regarding the positions vacant in their firms. They have also tie ups with certain consulting firms that inform candidates who meet the eligibility criteria. The placement process may be different depending on the particular firm which includes tests, interviews or even situational response rounds.



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