MBA- a course that is over rated


The master level degree of the business administration course is amongst the most rated courses in the education sector. May be because of the ideal nature of placement prospects within the course or may be because of the kind of exposure the course provides that helps the candidates to build and shape their career in the right direction. Whatever may be the case, the course is surely the most demanded in India.


The course of MBA in some of the aspects is surly over rated. With the kind of the placement prospects in several of the IT as well as non IT based companies, surely the quality of the candidate making through the course has degraded over the years. Only the top most B-schools are producing some of the most beneficial candidates working in some of the most outstanding companies in the world. Also looking at the various nature of jobs, these candidates rate earning, it is impossible to detect the over all growth of the course within the boundaries of India only. However, there are other options to look at before plainly considering the course of MBA as over rated. The course is also amongst those that have helped to create a major boom of marketing analysis as well as financial accounting within the global market.


Thus after the over whelming discussion in the above words, the view is clear that in some of the aspects the course of MBA is over rated that accounts for less as compared to those aspects in which it is accounted not and that forms a major part of the story.



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