Jobs after Biomedical Engineering


Biomedical engineering is a field of engineering which applies engineering principles and design concepts in medical field. This field combines medicine and engineering together. It integrates the principles in engineering with the medical science which thereby helps in improving healthcare diagnosis, monitoring and therapy. There are many jobs opportunities for those who have completed their graduation in biomedical engineering both in public and private sector. Professionals in biomedical engineering can also find suitable jobs in many organizations abroad.

Jobs in Private sector after Biomedical Engineering

Private sector organization offer large number of jobs to professionals in Biomedical engineering. Most of the industries will be related to medical equipment, their production and supply. Private companies manufacturing equipments required in hospitals, research and development centers, diagnostic centers, etc. recruit professionals in biomedical engineering. Since there is growth in demand of medical equipments the placement process is also more and so chances to get job in this sector is also high. Biomedical engineers can find jobs in teaching career also. The salary scale of biomedical engineers is very high in public sector organizations. Initially they are recruited as technical trainees and during that period they can earn up to Rs. 20,000/- per month.

Jobs in Government sector after Biomedical Engineering

Many government sector organizations also employ biomedical engineers. They are mainly recruited in factories manufacturing medical equipments and in government hospitals to handle and maintain different complex medical equipments. Various jobs for biomedical engineers in public sector organizations are product testing, establishing safety standards for devices and maintaining the devices. Professionals in biomedical engineering can also start their career as a teacher in any reputed government college offering this course. Biomedical engineers are paid very high salaries in government organizations. Initially they can earn up to Rs.25, 000/- per month.

Jobs Abroad after Biomedical Engineering

There is very high demand for professionals in biomedical engineering in countries outside India. There are many job openings for them in this field. They are mainly recruited as chemical engineers in hospitals situated in foreign countries. They are mainly assigned with the job of controlling and maintaining the entire database of the medical equipments. They also help doctors and nurses in handling complex medical equipments. Biomedical engineers can also do their higher studies in abroad. There are many options for them. They can complete their masters degree and can even do research programme. The salary of biomedical engineers will be very high in foreign countries. They can earn up to Rs. 2.5 lakhs per month which is very high when compared to that given in India.



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    Hi, I completed bio medical engineering in the year 2011. I like to work in abroad. Can you please help me in foreign job opportunities.

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    Am doing my B.E. biomedical Engineering. Am interested to work as a biomedical Engineer. Can you help me job offferings. And universities offering M.E. biomedical engineering .

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    Riya yadav:

    what the scope in biomedical engineering?