M.Phil in Journalism


With the rising of news channels there is a gross demand for the course of M.Phil in Journalism among the students of the nation as well as in abroad. M.Phil in journalism is the study of various ways of conveying news, descriptive materials and public opinion via a wide spectrum of media. This not only includes television, news papers and radio but also magazines, internet and most recently used mobile phones.
The rise of new technologies such as blogging and social networking software, made this work more flexible for the students opting for the course. There are various scopes and well to do job aspects after completion of this course.
Candidate opting for this course should have completed their bachelor’s degree under the banner of any recognized colleges or University of the country or abroad. The minimum marks for the admission of the candidates vary from colleges to colleges. Various renowned Universities and colleges even conducts entrance exam for the admission of the students.
Course Outlook:
Various Universities and Colleges on the nation provide the students with part time as well as regular course of M.Sc in Visual Media. The course has a maximum time span of 3 years, which includes three exams, i.e. one per year. But the time span of the part time courses varies
Few important subjects the students need to focus upon during the study of M.Sc in Visual Media are study of multimedia, animation technology, English language, etc
Job Prospects:
M.Phil in Journalism provides a great job aspects in today’s World. After the completion of the course, candidates can get well paid jobs in corporate sectors, media offices, television channels, advertising agencies, etc. Candidates can also get jobs as lecturers in Colleges and Universities.
Best Places to Pursue:
Delhi University,
Beneras Hindu University.



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    Neeraj verma:

    Done m.j.m.c can do mphil 58 percent in m.j.m.c from shimla can do distance studies or regular

  2. 5
    rajender singh:

    sir . \ madam\
    se;f is rajender singh m.j.,m,c from h.p university shimla with 58% now i want to do M.M.Phil in journalism how i can do ,. what its system to do . actully i want to do both distance or regular studies. please guide me . i will highly thankful to u

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    rajender singh:

    i want to do M.Phill in journalism, mostly i prefer i north indian uni. which uni. doing M.phill cours3e

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    i want to do m.phil in journalism &mass communication through DDC please Suggest the suitable universities.

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    mayank mainali:

    i want to do m.phill in mass media and journalism please help me to provide the collages of related field and course

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    Sheetal Sharma:

    I want to know about m.phill in journalism .Please let me know about the procedure & eligibility critaria from different govt. universities of India. Apart from this i want to confirm that can i try for m.phill when my result is awaited of M.A.in mass communication?

    Please do respond me.