Opportunities and what to expect from part time course in construction management


A course in construction management is a highly recognized one. This is a course which helps the individuals to get in to purely technical or managerial positions within the construction industry or sector. This is a course which is mostly suitable for the individuals with engineering background namely the architects, civil engineers etc which helps to equip them with the necessary and specialized skills and qualities needed to survive in this sector of business. Construction management consists of the entire activities of planning, design, controlling and coordinating the activities concerned with a particular assignment.

Course Outlook

The course is offered by many of the institutions which are in the government and public sector. The individuals also go in for the higher studies in this area abroad also. There are various programs in this subject area which may be a graduation course, master’s degree, diploma courses or doctorate degree courses in construction engineering. The candidates who want to join a graduate degree in construction management need to have a relevant undergraduate qualification. The candidates who complete their course in construction management will be provided training in this area which may help them to perform their tasks efficiently. The course structure involves the following the subject areas which are normally covered –

  • Construction Technology and Surveying
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Construction Economics
  • Management of the Built Environment
  • Construction Science and Materials
  • Law
  • Industry Applications
  • Health and Safety

Opportunities involved in this area

There are immense job opportunities that are available in the area of construction engineering. When we observe in general, one can see that there is a high level of expansion that is going on in this sector of construction which is primarily due to the growth of the construction industry on a whole. Hence, the role of specialized graduates or post graduates in this field of construction cannot be ignored.

Normally, the courses in construction engineering can be undertaken both as a full time course as well as part time course. The number of institutions which offer part time courses are also increasing. It’s a well known fact regarding the importance of a part time course and a full time course as there is huge difference between these two courses. Those individuals who are working in any other sector but who have ample interest in this field of construction engineering can undertake this course. One of the most important advantages regarding a part time course is regarding the time factor. The candidates do not have to attend daily classes as the part time programs do not involve any class room atmosphere studies. The candidates will be given knowledge in the theoretical aspects as well as the practical and real time work experiences in this area. Unlike other courses, the research work involved in this area is very less which helps the students to take this courses as a part time study and it is also suitable for working individuals who have interest towards this field.

The job opportunities in the field of construction management are immense in various construction companies, consultancy firms etc. The candidates who are specialized in this field can get in to the job profiles such as –

  • Project managers
  • Managers/leaders of construction business units (both public and private)
  • Construction managers
  • Construction and consultancy firms

A course in construction management helps the candidates to attain specialized knowledge and skills not only in the technical aspects but also the managerial types of jobs in this industry.



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    I have B. Arch from NIT and having more than 10 years of exp in GIS and survying. I want to do part time course in construction management. Please suggest suitable options.

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    i wnat to get know more about correspondence cource after +2