Opportunities associated with Petrochemical engineering


The petro-chemical engineering is regarded as a course which is in great demand among many students. Petro chemical engineers are involved in working in areas of Oil and natural gas production and extraction. The demand for this course is very high in India as well as abroad. Since the course is highly technical in nature the type of facilities which is needed for offering these courses is also different.

Area of work

The candidates who get qualified in petro chemical engineering are mainly involved in the areas of production and extraction of the various natural gases. The candidates who are trained in the field of petro chemical engineering mainly do the work of producing as well as develop new methods involved in extracting new petroleum products. An important aspect to be noted is that the scope of the program is not only in the production of natural gases but also has its application in other areas as well. The adequate methods regarding the refining process need to be identified. Refining is one of the significant aspects in this area where in the oil or the natural gases which have been explored do not become useful until and unless it is refined. The role of petro chemical engineer also involves the sale and distribution of these products in to the market as a whole. The contribution of a petrochemical engineer cannot be ignored because they get involved in many areas which prove to be important in daily lives of the people.

Career Avenues

A career in this area is very challenging in nature. The candidates who have adequate knowledge in the field of science can go for the B.Tech degree in this field. The job opportunities after the completion of the petro chemical engineering are numerous. The candidates will generally get employed in various petroleum refinery companies. Apart from the opportunities available in India, the candidates also have enough opportunities abroad also.  The general scenario being that the demand for the products related to petroleum is rising day by day which may also lead to the job creation in this area. The petro chemical engineers also get jobs in Oil rigs. There are many government companies in this area such as Indian Oil, Oil India Limited, HPCL (Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited), and ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) etc which provide opportunities for qualified petro chemical engineers. The work involved is highly technical.

The pay package involved in this sector is highly lucrative. The petro chemical engineers are offered salaries which will be mainly based on the experience, skills etc in the concerned areas. The high pay packages in this area are basically due to the fact that this industry is developing in all ways and will be having huge demand in the future also.



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    Will Petroleum/Petrochemical engineering have a graet scope after 10-15 years?
    If yes, then in which countries?

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    am doing my petrochemial what shall i prefer after tat??

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    am doing my petrochemical and i wished to do my M TECH in bio fuels…will you guide me pl????????

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    Omeje Godslove C.:

    Please i dont mean opportunities associated with petrochemical. I mean job opportunity where i can be employed as a petrochemical technologist.please do you know any? I will appreciate.

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    job is harmful to health

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    Sir, i want to know if i am eligible for appearing at tests like BHEL,NTPC,GLAIL etc.My branch is B tech in PETROCHEMICAL.

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    its any opprtunities after finish electronics & communication diploma enter in petrochemical field education ? if yes please provide guide.