Overview of NASA jobs


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) provide ample job opportunities in various departments. The jobs available would be in the technical, administrative or management sections ranges. Candidates who have got experience of 2 to 5 years in relevant field are eligible to apply for these posts.

Professional, Engineering and Scientific jobs in NASA

More than 60 % of total jobs in NASA fall under this category. Candidates who have bachelor’s degree or higher education in a specialized subject are eligible for this post. Candidates have to be specialized in any of the fields like Science, Mathematics, Engineering, Law or Accounting. Major departments wherein a candidate can find these jobs are.

  • Meteorology
  • General Engineering
  • Computer Science
  • Computer Engineering
  • Biology
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Accounting

Administrative and Management jobs in NASA

Candidates who wish to work in these areas should have knowledge of concepts and practices associated with organizations and administration. They are required to have skills to conduct analytical research, writing and judgment. Major Job positions available under this category are Administrative Specialist/ Budget Analyst/ Contract Specialist/ Information Technology Specialist and Public Affairs Specialist.

Clerical and Administrative Support jobs in NASA

This section occupies almost 7 to 9 percentage of jobs in NASA. The job profile includes duties such as preparing, receiving, reviewing, and verifying documents; processing transactions etc. In addition to this, candidates will have to maintain office records and compile as well as locate data from files. The major job positions under this category are listed below.

  • Secretary
  • Procurement Clerk
  • Office Automation Clerk
  • Management Assistant
  • Clerk-Typist
  • Accounting Technician

Technical and Medical Support jobs in NASA

Candidates need to have practical knowledge of techniques and equipment, gained through experience or specific training. Graduation is the minimum requirement for these posts. The job positions that are available under this category are Electronics Technician, Engineering Technician and Meteorological Technician.

Trades and Labor Jobs in NASA

Candidates who have gained skills in mechanical and electrical crafts can apply for job positions in this segment. The job positions under this section are listed below.

  • High Voltage Electrician
  • Instrument Maker
  • Model Making
  • Utility Systems Repair
  • Pathways Programs in NASA

Jobs under this category are meant for students and fresh graduates. These programmes are targeted at students who have completed their studies. Job positions in this category are listed below.

  • Presidential Management Fellows Programme
  • Internship Employment Program
  • Recent Graduates Program

Candidates can apply for jobs that match their educational qualification through the official website of NASA.



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    Hello sir.. I am doing BCA Bachelor of computer applications 2nd year.. I would like to join in NASA.. And also i would like to know what are posts available for BCA candidate..

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    Shashank pradhan:

    Sir,i am cotinuing my B.tech in 4th year.what are the requirements to get a job after completion of my course in NASA.

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    sujeet singh:

    hello sir,…….i am sujeet singh form ghaziabad my question is that is i am eligible to work in nasa laboratory right-now i am pursue my integreted m.tech in biotechnology student……thank u sir.

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    What kind of jobs I can get in NASA after completion of m.sc in mathematics?