Robotics—an IT Trend


The field of Robotics is yet to gain popularity in India. But in most western countries, there is a lot of interest and curiosity regarding this subject. It is a field which includes science, engineering and technology. It basically deals with the design, manufacture and application of robots. A robot can be defined as a machine capable of carrying out repetitive and complex series of actions automatically. The Robotics field is also known as Robotics engineering.

Robots do repetitive tasks well only because of the programming that goes into making them. A complex series of programming is required, so that the robot can perform actions as assigned. So, we can say that robotic engineering is dependent upon the IT field. So, we can say that Robotics is part of an IT trend.

Eligibility criteria for Robotics engineering:

Only those who have completed their 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics background can sit for the entrance exam for admissions into various Robotics courses in various universities. For admission into M.E./M.Tech courses the candidate must have passed Mechanical, Electronics or Electrical engineering. Candidates who have passed with computer science degrees can also apply for the Robotics courses.

Robotics institutes in India

  • IIIT-Allahabad
  • SRM university
  • Amity university

Robotics and Information technology

We also see that how Robotics and Information Technology or IT complement each other. Robots work on a series of programs. If programming was not there robots wouldn’t be possible. Information technology has made it possible to make complex and advanced robots for a variety of jobs. Due to the availability of complex programming languages, complex robots are in place. Actually Robotics is linked with electronics, Information technology and mechanical engineering.

Some Types of Robotics jobs:

  • Robotics test engineers
  • Robotics technicians
  • Robotics  system engineers
  • Senior Robotics specialist
  • Researcher
  • Analysts

Employment avenues for Robotics professionals

  • Laboratory research
  • Transport sector
  • Surgery
  • Military
  • Automotive sector
  • Space exploration
  • Assembly and packing
  • Weapon systems

Robotics engineering is now entering every domain or field. Candidates with post graduate qualifications in Robotics can apply for selection into Indian Space Research Organization or ISRO and other research institutions. Robotics jobs are also available in premier institutes of India like the Indian Institutes of Technology or the IITs. There are jobs basically in IITs for basic research in Robotics and Artificial intelligence. But the maximum number of jobs in Robotics field is available to professionals in the developed countries. Companies like NASA and Intel recruit Robotics professionals in many numbers.



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