PhD in Astrophysics in association with National Centre for Radio Astrophysics


There exist an indispensable need for being acknowledged with the facts behind the universe and its treasures. The course, of course, plays a key role in this regard. The heavenly bodies are studied in the aspects of their motions, law governing these motions, their dimensions, nature, their effect on each other due to the attraction force and radiations, their constitution and physical condition and the possibilities of life on these and many more concepts concerned with these.


The eligibility criteria for the course require the candidates to have completed M. Sc in Physics, Electronics, Astronomy and Applied Mathematics.  However, the students with a B.E, B. Tech, M.E or M. Tech degree, can also pursue for the course. The admission of the candidates is taken based on written test and then an interview.

Course Outlook:

The course is meant for a syllabus of three years and it is accompanied with the research and the project work of the students.

Job Prospects:

There are enormous job opportunities for candidates with PhD in astrophysics. One can be readily placed as a research scientist in various government organizations and research institutes, in the diversified grades of programmes, which are research oriented.  The candidates are also welcomed in the universities, especially in physics department. And the list is still not limited as the candidates are also required in the for diversified jobs in the industry.

Best Places to Pursue:

Indian Institute of Astrophysics



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