Scope for Astrophysics


Astrophysics is a subject that is taken by many Indian students. Many institutions within the country offer students with the postgraduate level courses in Astronomy or astrophysics. The qualification required to join this program is a pass in the graduate level. Students must have taken physics as one of the subjects. More details about the scope of astrophysics are given below.

Institutes in India that offer courses in Astrophysics:

These are a few of the top institutions in our country that provide PG level courses in Astrophysics. A few of those institutions comprise of:

  • Punjabi University, Patiala
  • Banglore University
  • Burdwan University
  • Calcutta University
  • Delhi University
  • Gauhati University
  • Gujarat University
  • Gorakhpur University
  • Indian Institute of Science
  • Jadavpur University
  • Kashmir University
  • Kumaon University
  • Lucknow University
  • Madurai Kamaraj University
  • Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam
  • Pune University
  • Punjab University
  • Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur
  • Roorkee University
  • Swami Ramanand Teerth University, Nanded
  • Inter-University Center for Astronomy and Astrophysics; Pune
  • Joint Astronomy Programme (JAP), Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Those candidates who have a Masters degree in the relevant discipline and have high scores can appear for the Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST). Those who clear this exam with good marks can get admittance to the Ph.D. programmes.

Personal skills

Aspirants who desire to join the field of Astrophysics or Astronomy need to have a scientific blend of mind. Besides this, they also need to have the aptitude to work for long periods at a time. One other quality that is needed for all astronomers is perseverance. As a project will take quite some time to finish, they need to be determined. In addition to this, good programming skills are also required for candidates who aspire to join astrophysics.

Career prospects

Once students have completed all their studies, they can get jobs with top firms within India or overseas. Aspirants can also look forward for a job as Research Scientists with Institutions involved in Research. Jobs are available for astrophysicists with organizations such as:

  • Aryabhata Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES), Nainital
  • Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA), Bangalore
  • Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
  • Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astrophysics (IUCAA), Pune
  • National Centre for Radio Astrophysics, TIFR (Pune)
  • Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad
  • Raman Research Institute (RRI), Bangalore
  • Space Science Centre, ISRO, Thiruvananthapuram
  • Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai

It is also possible for candidates to get jobs with organizations such as the Bangalore Amateur Astronomers (ABAA). The best thing about a career in astrophysics is that one will get the opportunity to travel to distant places and take part in international seminars as well as conventions. They will have the chance to meet many famous people in the world of Astronomy.



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  1. 45
    Sheetal J:

    I’m doing my final year , i’m very much interessted to continue my studies in astrophysics, but my percentage is only 55% will i get seat in indian intitute?? and i wanted to know about the entrance exam , the books which i should study for entrance test and also the fee structure. please do reply Sir/Madam

  2. 44
    Arun Kumar:

    Am doing 2nd year b.e. mechanical. Am interested in doing astrophysics in ISRO. How cud I approach ISRO? Is there any entrance exams? If so, what is the syllabus??
    Seeking quick reply..

  3. 43

    i completed B.Tech from ECE. I want to study can i approach for there any entrance exam.please send me the details

  4. 42

    i have intersted in astrophysics.Abhi meine 12th ki exam dii hey.To Aap se request hey ki mujhe Aap astrophysics ke bare mein subkuch janana chahata hu key kese mein Aage is line ke liye Apply kar sakta hu??…pls give ans immdiately,I am very confuse.

  5. 41
    Kamal gautam:

    I got 82 percent marks in 12th with non medical.i want to become a space scientist please tell me what i have to do…?

  6. 40
    poojan dholakia:

    I am in std.10. I want to be an astronaut.what can I do after 10 after 12 to be an astronaut. to go in NASA which engineering I tak? are there any courses?

  7. 39
    Amar g nadh:

    Can i be assured to get a job after i take astrophysics?
    I’ve completed 10th. What subjects should i follow in 11th to study astrophysics?
    Should it be biology or computer?

  8. 38
    yash gujarathi:

    sir , i have completed my 10th and i want to do my career in astrophysics so please will you give me details about this field and the minimum percentage required in 12th std.

  9. 37
    arnob mukherjee:

    can i be the part of astrophysics after 12th???

  10. 36
    saurabh dixit:

    sir , i hd completed my 12 nd want my carrer in astro physics , so please help me about what i should do the next. For astro physics nd u can send me msg nd i ‘ll make u a call so that i can explain u my prob. No. 8687918934 …..thank u :)

  11. 35
    Aditya Dhongade:

    Sir,I am a undergraduate student learning in Satara,Maharashtra.I want to do graduation in astrophysics.
    My teacher told me that there is newly opened college for astrophysics students by ISRO.
    Kindly give me information on this subject as much as u can.Thank you a lot

  12. 34
    Ayana krishnan:

    should i take bsc physics or btech course to study astrophysics?????????????

  13. 33

    respected sir i have completed B. Sc. in physics and chemistry and i am very much interested in astrophysics. so can u please help me out giving guidance about M.Sc. astrophysics .my cell no is can even message me i will call you.
    thank you sir.

  14. 32

    what steps i take to study astrophysics after secand pue science

  15. 31

    after giving which entrance i can study astrophysics directly after 12th

  16. 30
    prasanth k:

    what are the steps that a science student must take for making a carreer in astrophysics or what are the courses that one must accomplish for astrophysics?

  17. 29

    Hello, I am a BTech Computer Science student. Now I would like to enter in to astrophysics field. Kindly make me clear about the path i hve to follow

  18. 28

    i (manish joshi) want to become an astrophysicist from my
    childhood age but due to certain reason i didn’t got this branch. By mistake i take computer science & engineering,
    i which i don’t have any kind of insterest in it. But from my level of knowledge i can develop theory on basis of law of physics in that i have given various types of explaination related to astrocompuer. we can easily watch our future with the help of astrocomputer. one day i possible such impossible thing.
    can u give me answer how can i applied for astrophysics after completed my B.E IN computer science & engineering & what is the processor for that..???
    please reply as soon as possible.
    your faithfully- manish joshi

  19. 27
    sandeep deba misra:

    I’m Sandeep Deba Misra, a 13 years old budding astrophysicist. I had researched in several topics. I would like to know which options listed below would be better in becoming an astrophysicist.
    OPTION 1:
    B.Tech in Aerospace engineering.
    M.Sc in Astrophysics
    Ph.D in Astrophysics

    OPTION 2:
    B.Sc in Physics
    M.Sc in Astrophysics
    Ph.D in Astrophysics
    OPTION 3:
    B.Tech in Aerospace engineering
    M.Sc in Physics
    Ph.D in Astrophysics

    Thanks a lot for your response.

  20. 26

    Can you tell me what are d job prospects for 35yr old astrophysicist: physics from oxford (UK) and P.hd in astrophysics from USA.

  21. 25

    is there any ISRO exam held directly after 12th??
    Also is there any need to do engineering or IIT, in order to prospire astrophysics??

    kindly clear my doubts..

  22. 24
    kuldeepak choudekar:

    eligibility criteria for admission for B.Sc astrophysics

  23. 23
    akshay sharma:

    can i apply for msc in astrophysics after mca or

  24. 22

    send me list of colleges for astrophysics in tamilnaadu



  25. 21

    what should i study after completing my course in order to study plasma physics?

  26. 20

    Halo, I am a BTech Computer Science Graduate. Now I would like to enter in to astrophysics field. Kindly make me clear about the path i hve to follow

  27. 19

    Best colleges in india providing providing astrophysics in undergraduation?

  28. 18

    In which institutions is Astrophysics taught at Undergraduate level?

  29. 17
    suvidha shinde:

    what is the eligibility to become an astronaut? n what r the job opportunities after phd astrophysics?

  30. 16
    sandeep jadhav:

    i have applied for gradute trainee in the doamin of radio astrophisics. it is application with a private organization.
    Shall i accept this job if got selected. Please let me know about scope in this field. i have completed BE in electronics & Telecommunications and currently working with private company which provides WI-FI connectivity towards internet. Waiting for reply. Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. 15
    Gibin c mathew:


  32. 14


  33. 13

    Can i do in astrophysics in india and later & then p.hd. in india kindly tell me the best colleges for studying astrophysics in india

  34. 12

    Which branch I must choose in in order to become astronomer? What i must do further?

  35. 11

    please send me a list of institutes where astrophysics courses are offered

  36. 10

    is there an entrance examination for astrophysics

  37. 9

    send me list of colleges for astrophysics in tamilnaadu

  38. 8

    hi, i am a computer science engineering student.
    please suggest how can i get admission in astronomy.

  39. 7

    i want to become an i am studing in 10th matric tamilnadu.wath should i concentrate to join isro.which course should i do.please guide me.

  40. 6

    i am a student of IT,3rd yr, i get into the field of astrophysics or compete for ISAT exam 2011????

  41. 5

    iam in 3rd yr student of bca in kolkata, what are the steps i have to follow to do master course in astrophysics in astrophysics in IISc, bangalore.please suggest me……….

  42. 4

    which colleges offer such courses?and which is the best of all?

  43. 3

    how can i get into astronomy after doing b tech through iit

  44. 2
    Pranoti Panchbhai:

    Can a student with a BE degree in computer science get into the field of astronomy or astrophysics and how?

  45. 1
    rajeev singh:

    iam in 1st yr in ece in kolkata, what are the steps i have to follow to do master course in astrophysics in astrophysics in IISc, bangalore.please suggest