Difference between Astrophysics and Astronomy


Astronomy is a science that has its origin from ancient times. It is the study of the universe outside the atmosphere of the earth. The major branches in this field are celestial mechanics, astrometry, and astrophysics. Astrophysics is the division of astronomy which deals with the physical development related to the celestial bodies and their existing vastness in space.

Astronomy Course and Opportunity

Astronomy is a superior level science that explains the scientific explorations of space beyond the atmosphere of earth. Candidates who are interested in astronomy must have studied PCM in standard XII. Those who wish to go for research should be Graduates in Mathematics and Physics. Following that, he/she can do Masters in Astronomy and later a PhD. Candidates who want a job in instrumentation astronomy related with the improvement of machinery necessary for space research and other things can do their Bachelors in Electrical, Electronics or Instrumentation Engineering.

Astrophysics Course and Opportunity

Astrophysics is the division of astronomy that is concerned with the universal physics, comprising of the physical features of celestial objects such as galaxies, stars, their paths as well as their relations.  Candidates who wish to pursue astrophysics should be graduates in Engineering, Science or Physics subjects. Those who have the said qualifications can submit an application to one of the Indian Institutions of Space Research for admission to the postgraduate course (M.Sc). Candidates can find employment as technicians in leading institutions like Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Key difference between both

Astronomy deals with the study of objects and materials outside the atmosphere of the Earth and their chemical and physical features, while astrophysics is related to the branch of astronomy which is about the physical properties, nature and active progression of celestial objects and their occurrence. Astronomy can be used to refer to the qualitative study of the topic, where astrophysics is employed to illustrate the physics-oriented adaptation of the issue. Nevertheless, given that most contemporary astronomical research deals with topics associated to physics, modern astronomy is  also known as astrophysics.



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    i am a student of class XI in Tamilnadu. what i should study to qualify as a successful space research scientist after my 10+2?

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    Pranay Priya Panja:

    i am a student of class12.how i prepare for entrance exam of astrophysics??

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    I completed my graduation in bsc computers got rank in msc phy as 600 which college i get in hyd:)

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    Frazer Keswani:

    Dear Sir / Madam,

    My daughter is in high school, she has developed keen interest in Astronomy, is a member of society,in shivaji Nagar Pune, where she assembled her telescope, now she wants to persue her hobby as a career.

    Would like to know, are there any graduation courses, if yes where are the colleges, which degree it is, and any pre preperation for the admission. can somebody please advice?



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    Im a student of 12th science stream. Iam intested in astronmy.
    can you guide me my destiny

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    Im a student of class 12th and want to enter in the field of astronomy . Kindly guide me what to do after 12th. Please provide a list of colleges if possible .

    Thanking you.