PTU B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering 3rd Sem. Manufacturing Processes–1 Papers


Paper of Manufacturing Process-1 is the study of technologies which are used in the manufacturing of products. It is used in the planning of ordering of materials and other resources, manufacturing schedules, and compiling cost data.

Importance of Paper:

This paper is important as every product is manufactured on the technologies taught in the subject. The study determines the cost and estimated time to manufacture a product.

Paper Pattern:

Paper of Manufacturing Process-1 consists of 9 questions in it and there are 3 sections in which these questions are kept. Section A is of 10 very short answer type questions, Section B is of 5 short answer type questions from which 4 are to be solved and Section C is of 3 long answer type questions from which 2 are to be solved.

Questions asked often:

Questions in the paper are such as different casting defects & their remedies, different types of pattern used in foundry, main constituents of moulding sand, various types of moulding processes, definition of core, types of core, difference between punching, blanking and piercing, various shearing operations performed on sheet metal, recrystallization temperature, various methods of hot extrusion with neat sketches, various types of plant layout, various types of operations performed on a drilling machine, nomenclature of a single point cutting tool, mechanism of tool wear, difference between soldering and brazing, method of resistance welding etc.

Marks and time:

Total marks which can be obtained by the students in the paper are 80 and time span of the paper is 3 hours only.

Recommended Books:

  • Manufacturing Process by S K Garg
  • Manufacturing Processes by Fritz Klocke
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