Take a Look: Life in US for Indian Graduate Aspirants


Students in the present time seem to be more focused and conscious about their studies and career. They are multitalented and many of them are open to exploring wide areas of education, not only in our country, but in a foreign country also. They are keenly observing the opportunities that can avail by them and ready to put some effort to achieve those. From the old perspective it is the ‘generation gap’, from the global opinion ‘it is because of the globalization’ and from the student’s viewpoint ‘it is our world and time’.

Students are opened to Global education

Students are opened to Global education

Today many of the students going to overseas for the higher studies and also many are getting scholarships to do so. When they are completely placed in a different environment of learning, there are many things they have to take care of. The entire learning process is different from what we really known.

The process is not only different for learning atmosphere but also deals with social environment. If you have some knowledge about these elements you will find it easier to adapt with your life there. Here are some tips for the graduate aspirants in US

Some Academic Practice

When you look into the academic program, the most important thing is the assignment work. In US curriculum and assignments are an integral part of the studies. In a month the students need to submit at least 4-5 assignments. But never show your hometown approach towards these works. Never try to do these assignments in the last moment. You need to take time to understand each work and there is a prescribed way for doing it and you should follow exactly the same.

The evaluation and grade is assigned not only to the answer you submitted but also for the way of doing the work, the time you taken and to the learning part etc.  Definitely you will expose to the libraries, but as a student your life turns around the Google. You will clear most of your doubts through this search engine in the self-study system.

Academic Practice in US compared to India

Academic Practice in US compared to India

Exams are another important thing which has a different color in US compared to India. In India the exams analyze the theoretical knowledge while in US it only tests the application side. Most of the Indian Citizens found problems with this mode of exam in US. But you will be used with this system and will find it more valuable in the further studies. Internship will help the graduate to cope with the application side.

Every graduate student in US taking Internships, not only provide valuable experience but also leverage your career prospects. Students should always remember that whatever you are doing try to bring quality into that. This is the only way by which one can move further.

Managing Life in US

The students should manage their life in US. Dollar is something that is going to be a scarce commodity in most of your graduate life there.  In order to meet your financial means you have to find a job, there is so many hourly jobs open to the graduate students in US.  If your parents belong to the topmost position in the tax payer’s list, no worries in this part (only if they are ready to feed you). If you don’t get any job in the initial stage keep searching, until you get one. It would be a wonderful thought to be friendly with the credit cards. This will help you at the time of financial stress. But carefully use, otherwise it will pull you in financial debt also.

If you are a user of Bikes it is going to help you in US also. It is found to be the cheapest and fastest mode of transportation in the country. You can have roommates thus you can share the expense of the apartment. It is not a good idea to have an apartment for your own, it comes too costly. You can develop the habit of drinking soda; it comes cheaper than ordinary water. Before going to US learn some cooking tips from home. It is because you have to prepare your own food to manage your expense.

The Social Life

You are going to have new experiences in this country. You can experience the meaning of social life.’ Night Outs’ is a part of any graduate life in US. One another habit is the Late Night Parties. Fridays and Saturdays are the time for this. Nobody can escape from this type of adventures. Totally four months is allotted for the break during summer and spring. The graduates spend this time by exploring US.

Social Life

Social Life

There is lot of places one can visit and these provide a good opportunity to spend the vacation. Wal-Mart’s and Fast Food restaurants are open all over the country for window shopping and junk foods. Once in a week or month you can visit these shops and can have a very blissful shopping. All these are part of a graduate life in US. Along with your studies you will have an opportunity to experience all the colors of life.

Some Legal Formalities

The F1 status visa will be a topic to talk all your days in US. Everybody knows how US is putting restrictions in the visa. The rules and regulation will be a daily puzzle for the students. So you need to bend with the situations. The students need to send the necessary documents to USCIS, an agency taking care of the Visa and Immigration papers of the foreign citizens. The students always need to connect with this agency. Optional Practical Training or OPT will enables the graduate students to work without a work visa. These days, the Visa regulation in US is so complex, so the students have to collect complete knowledge in these restrictions before stepping in that country.

These are some point the aspirants should know before going abroad. Once you understand these things the life doesn’t show any difficulties. You need to be enthusiastic, challenging and flexible. In US you can find lot of people from different parts of the world. You need to socialize with them with no hard feelings. A dream has a lot of unlikeness from the reality. If you combine effort, commitment and some compromises with the dream it is sure to become a reality.



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