The pros and cons of integrated B.Tech and MBA degree


The integrated course of B.Tech and MBA degree is a five year course. The candidates who are interested in entering the management field can opt for this course. There are many institutes in India where the candidate can take up this course. The candidate can get admission in these courses though entrance exam. The eligibility for these entrance exams is to pass higher secondary exam in 10 + 2 from any recognized board. There are large numbers of opportunities for candidates after completing B.Tech. + M.B.A integrated course.

Pros of integrated B.Tech and M.B.A. degree

The aspirants who opt for MBA after B.Tech degree has to study four year B.Tech course and then opt for 2 year MBA course. In this way the candidate will get the degree only after 6 years of study where as a candidate opting for integrated course has to study only for five years. The numbers of years spend for obtaining M.B.A. is less in the integrated course.

The candidate can obtain the technical knowledge as well as managerial skill together with this course. The candidate can shine in any industry by possessing these two skills.

The person with dual degree can shine better as they can show both the technical and managerial skills.

The MBA degree will provides the engineers to work in a more organized way. The candidates having dual degree will be having the knowledge of using the management skills and technical knowhow.

The candidates who opt for integrated course can get both the degrees B.Tech and M.B.A after clearing one entrance test. The candidates who study B.Tech first have to appear for entrance test again to join M.B.A. course.

Cons of integrated B.Tech and M.B.A. degree

Some aspirants when appearing for entrance may not be having clear idea about both the course. The candidates who have an interest in technical field after B.Tech can opt for M.Tech course. But the candidates who have joined for integrated course have to study for 5 years/.km   and then only they can join for M.Tech course. This increases the course duration by one year.

Some entrance tests have the eligibility criteria i.e. 10 + 2+ 4 pattern. The candidates opting for integrated B.Tech and M.B.A. degree cannot appear for these tests.

The candidates opting for integrated course can take any stream in engineering with M.B.A.  The candidate opting for M.B.A. after B.Tech can specialize in various streams in M.B.A according to their area of interest.

Career after integrated B.Tech and M.B.A degree

There is large number of opportunities for candidates in both public and private sector. The candidates can find job opportunities abroad as well.



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8 Responses to “The pros and cons of integrated B.Tech and MBA degree”

  1. 8

    Sir I’m currently pusruing a Btech(Mechanical)+M.B.A course form KIIT University.

    I plan on doing an Mtech(Aerospace) either in India or abroad.
    I am very determined on this as aerospace is my passion.

    Is this possible? And do Foreign Universities accept dual degree students in there masters program?

  2. 7
    tony k varghese:

    hi .. I want to know abt dese course more . And i would like to know how to acquire an admission for these courses .. Kindly reply as fast as possible

  3. 6

    Sir i’m pursuing my 4th year in eee stream with an agg of 61% but i’m in a dilema wheather to go for the job or for further studies but i’m intrested in doing masters in my core subject power systems….so pleasd suggest me what to do

  4. 5

    Sir/madam, i completed mechanical enginering,i would like 2 do m.b.a,so plz suggest me which group i want 2 take in m.b.a.

  5. 4
    amiya nandi:

    i did my in electrical
    now i am in my MBA 2 ND YEAR

  6. 3

    i am persuing btech mba from lpu jalandher
    is this course is acceptable in market .I want to have successfull carrier in management so will i b able to sit in interviews of mba companies in placements in campusss.
    what are the prospectives if i do btech mba iT ..

  7. 2
    mohit rana:

    i am a student 0f 6 sem in engineering doing integrated programme.i am having it in btech and yet to decide for mba ques is in which stream of mba is better for me.i am good at database so i am doing certification in tell me the job oppurtunities for me. i am very tensed please tell

  8. 1
    siddharth rawat:

    i just want to ask that what are the carrier opportunities for a person doing integrated (5 yrs) in physics from a reputed NIT like nit surat what shud he do after the course completion
    and as we know that this course is already established in some iit’s and it is running well from over decades, but this course is young in nit surat, i also want to ask wkat the iitians do after completing M.Sc integrated.