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The Rubber Industry in India is managed by the Indian Rubber Board and this is a statutory body constituted by the Government of India with a view to ensure overall development in the rubber industry in India. As most of us know, rubber is popular for its elasticity property and this industry is an established industry in India.

There are two types of rubbers being natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The natural rubber is produced from the rubber plants and rubber can also be produced synthetically. Some of the interesting facts regarding rubber industry in India are given below:

Interesting facts about rubber production in India:

Some of the important facts about the Indian Rubber Industry are given below:

China and India are the only two companies in the world with the capacity to consume the whole indigenous production of natural rubber

India holds the pride of being the largest manufacturer of reclaim rubber

India is the fifth largest consumer of synthetics and natural rubber together in the world

The country is the fourth largest consumer of natural rubber

India the third largest producer of rubber in the world

The details regarding some of the best companies operating in the rubber industry in India are given below:

Top three companies in rubber industry:

Deluxe Rubber Industries

Madras Rubber Factory


Deluxe Rubber Industries:

Deluxe Rubber Industries is a leading supplier and manufacturer of all types of ebonite rollers and industrial rubber rollers for the past 40 years and the company has a long list of satisfied customers in different states of the country. Some of their products in the rubber industry includes plastic machine roll, steel rolling mill roll, paper mill roll, textile roll, mini off-set printing roll and other printing rolls. In their production of rubber, they are using different machines like rubber extruder machine, lifting crane, cylindrical grinder, lathe machine, 3 roll builder and rubber mixing machine in their workshop.

Madras Rubber Factory:

Madras Rubber Factory shortly and popularly called as MRF is a major manufacturer in the tyre manufacturing industry in India and they are operating from their headquarters in the city of Chennai in Tamil Nadu. The company came into existence in the year 1949 and from the year 1952 they have ventured into the manufacture of tread rubber. In the year 1995, the company earned the Top Export Award from the All India Rubber Industries Association of India.


The Kerala State Rubber Co-operative Limited is shortly called as RUBCO and it is a market invention agency of Government of Kerala for processing natural rubber directly from farmers. Right from its inception, the company has been acting as the major supplier of natural rubber to most of the popular tyre companies not only in India, but also in foreign countries.

These companies contribute towards the development of rubber industry in India and in India the rubber manufactured by these companies are consumed in the manufacture of different products like bicycles tyres and tubes, footwear, automotive tyre sector, latex and camelback products, hoses and belts and several other products.



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