Role of rubber technology course in automobile industry


Wheels, shock absorbers, washers, rubber belts, rubber tubes and such endless entities in this list, collectively forms the most basic pre-requisite of automobile industry. An obvious fact reveals that all the above mentioned entities are bent upon a single material, and that is rubber. Rubber, no doubt, being a significant material, is in use in a great diversified way. Stationeries, musical industry, toys for the kids and lots of such industries have been benefited by the rubber technology course. But the most significant of all is the automobile industry, which has exploited and has been benefited by this course, the most.

Automobiles are always dependent on their wheels for their performance and irresistible service. These wheels, no doubt, are the products of the rubber technology. The uneven roadways, roads by the sides of mountains and valleys and those across dense forests, are smoothly covered by the significant role of the rubber shock absorbers. It’s again the same, rubber technology which has gifted us these important shock absorbers. These absorbers contribute to a smooth and comfortable driving experience. The proper co-ordination of different automobile parts is the role of rubber belts and washers.

These facts ensure and expose the significant role of rubber technology course in automobile industry. The students pursuing this course are taught of the derivation and application of rubber. The application, which no doubt, is most significant in the automobile industry. Hence, rubber technology course proves to be a boon for automobile industry.



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    I had completed Software Engg. Now I should Join M.E
    Automobile Engg. This my option is correct or not. In future create any problem in my career or Job interviews

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    Can you provide the list the institutes/firms that offers this course, please send more details.