Rubber Technology Course and its significance


The all time crave for a particular material with compressibility, elasticity and other incredible features, was nourished with the introduction of rubber.  This particular material finds its application in almost many of the things in use today. Rubber  today is in use  in a great diversified way  ranging from that of   toys for the kids , garments and undergarments for all section  of mass, stationeries for students , accessories like  bands and so for the youth , musical instruments , automobile parts for ease compression , most significant tyres  and so  ,  washers  and other stuffs  for the utensils, vacuums creators  to significant parts in the  huge, giant, enormous machines in the factories .

The derivation and right application of this significant material  either from natural or men made sources   was the most significant job for letting this significant material  exploited to its  fullest  . The legacy of this job is being passed on generations by generations by rubber technology course. This particular course is being pursued on a large scale by students all over the world. Students are being taught on ways to derive or produce it both by natural and manmade sources. Its production has shown mushroom growth scenario in the last years and that too is now substituted from natural to artificial sources for the conservation of trees. Students are also taught of its application and quality improvement by vulcanisation or so.

Rubber technology course is attributed to a dynamic boom in the years to come.



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