Rubber Technology and its Scope


Rubber technology is a specialized field of science that comprises of the study of transformation of rubbers or elastomers into useful products. It also focuses on the processing of natural rubber or synthetic rubber, processing of latex and so on. There are a number of processing steps that the crude rubber has to undergo before being shaped up to produce the final product. Vulcanization, calendaring and mastication are the three main processes involved in processing of crude rubber.

In recent times, rubber is being extensively used in various products. The tremendously mounting use of automobiles has also helped in the increase in the utility of rubber. These facts pave the way for rubber technology to become a great career option for the mass. There are number of Indian institutes where interested candidates can apply to become rubber technologists. Some of the reputed institutes offering various courses in this field are Rubber Research Institute of India in Kerala, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Kharagpur) in West Bengal, Hari Shankar Singhania Elastomer and Tyre Research Institute in Rajasthan and so on.

Various Rubber Technology Courses offered in India

  • Diploma in Rubber Technology
  • Bachelor of Science in Rubber Technology
  • Bachelor of Engineering in Rubber Technology
  • Bachelor of Technology in Rubber and Plastic Technology
  • Bachelor of Technology in Polymer Science
  • Bachelor of Technology in Rubber Technology
  • Master of Technology in Rubber Technology

General Outlook of Rubber Technology courses

Rubber Technology courses deals with various subjects such as processing technology, manufacture of latex products, non tyre rubber products, tyres, testing and specification of rubber, latex products, materials science, organic chemistry, basics of polymers, rubber compounding, adhesives and surface coatings, plastic materials and so on. Topics such as various varieties of rubber, their nature and properties, detailed knowledge regarding the formulation of rubber compounds are also dealt with under this particular field.

Career Opportunities after Rubber Technology courses

There are more than 6000 operational units in India currently. These units provide huge job opportunities for the candidates who wish to secure a career in rubber industry. This field is growing stronger with the increase in demand of tyres for cycles, automobiles and even aero planes. Moreover, rubber is also utilized in a number of other industries and car decoration. So a career in rubber industry is a lucrative option because of its extended scope both in India and also in abroad. The candidates in this field can also work in various other sectors such as agricultural industries, automobile industries, transportation companies, construction firms, and artificial limbs manufacture industries and so on. In these industries they can get into various job prospectus such as testing technologist, production engineer, polymer specialist, marketing executive, materials technologist, quality control specialist, etc based on ones qualification and interest.



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    vishal jaiswal:

    i got mtech offer in rubber technology in iit kgp and i want to know abt placement and future scope in rubber technology

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    please i wish to know if there is any document on the processing and application of natural rubber from abstract to reference