WBUT IT 4th Sem Principles of Communication Engineering (EC 411) Papers


West Bengal University of Technology or popularly known as WBUT is a renowned Board of West Bengal under which many reputed engineering colleges come and henceforth it provides a good platform to enhance knowledge and skills in the field of technology. Communication Engineering is considered to be a very important subject in the field of Electronics Engineering (ECE) and is also taught in other streams such as Computer Science (CSE) and Information Technology (IT).

Principles of Communication Engineering deals with the communication of data and information which is digitally encoded thereby increasing the speed, efficiency and quality of the data transmitted from one point to another.

Sectional Division in this Paper

There are approximately three sections in this paper containing one word questions, short answers and long answers.

Expected Pattern of the Question Paper

There are three groups in this paper, group A, B and C respectively. The first group contains ten to twelve one word questions out of which any ten questions are supposed to be answered and each question has four options. The examinee is required to select one of the four options given. Each question carries one mark. The second group i.e. group B contains five to seven questions, each carrying five marks, out of which only three are to be answered. The third group i.e. group C contains five to seven questions approximately, and only three questions are to be answered, each carrying fifteen marks. All the questions in this group have sub parts and marks are distributed accordingly.

Marks Allocation

The entire paper is of seventy marks. Section A carrying ten marks, section B carrying fifteen marks and section C carrying forty five marks respectively which sums up to seventy.

Time Duration

The paper carries seventy marks and the time is restricted to three hours.

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