Aeronautical Engineering Project Names and Ideas


This particular branch of study in engineering is considered as a popular branch in which many youngsters are attracted at present. It includes the study of space aviation and defense. A job in this field is considered as the prestigious one. Those who have completed graduation in Aeronautical engineering can work in space organizations as well as in defense sectors. Students can opt for any project idea depending on the area of interest in this field. Mentioned below are some of the project names and ideas for the final year students in Aeronautical Engineering.

Final year Aeronautical Engineering Project names and ideas

  • Balloon Satellite Project
  • Bird deflector system for jet engines - a CFD analysis
  • CAD & Prototype Fabrication
  • Conceptual design for 4-seat G.A. airplane (single engine)
  • Control system design for a VTOL UAV
  • DreamWings Valkyrie - Control system design
  • DC-8 MCoRDS Antenna Assembly
  • Design evaluation of the Hensley Wolf twin propeller pusher 4-seater
  • Design and wind tunnel testing (wind measuring device)
  • Design of a scaled Supermarine Spitfire
  • Design of a VTOL UAV for Freewing
  • Design review for an LSA
  • D-Star Engineering Design review
  • Design review for Finite Engineering
  • Design review for the Nexaer LS1
  • Design review for Trolltune Corporation
  • Design review on a UAV
  • Air Tractor (single, twin and three engine airplanes) - Design studies
  • VisionAire Vantage business jet - Design verification, stability, control analysis
  • Air Tractor (single engine airplane) - Design verification
  • Family of small airplanes - Design verification and analysis of their performance
  • Air Tractor (twin engine airplane) - Design verification
  • Design verification of a UAV concept.
  • Design verification of several fire-fighting airplanes for Air Tractor.
  • Safire Aircraft (small business jet) - Design verification, aerodynamic, stability and control support
  • ATP turboprop powered Vans RV-6A (Rivers Aeronautical) - Firewall forward design
  • High Altitude Student Payload
  • Horizontal tail analysis (2-seat amphibious airplane)
  • Milner Air Car - Initial structural analysis
  • Forward maneuver area air-delivery systems - Investigation
  • Liaoning Ante Steel Structure Group Vertical Wind Tunnel Aerodynamic and Structural Design and Analysis
  • Micro Gravity
  • Fairchild Aircraft (commuter aircraft) - ¬†Modification of the horizontal tail
  • Kit airplane (two person) - ¬†New design
  • Kit airplane (DreamWings) - New design, stability and control analysis
  • P-3B Radar Integration
  • Kelly Space and Technology Second Generation Reusable Launch Vehicle - Preliminary design and analysis
  • Preliminary design of a 4-seat business jet
  • Preliminary design of a 4-seat G.A. Airplane.
  • Preliminary design of a family of 4-6 seat twin-engine jets
  • Preliminary design of a jet powered UAV concept
  • Preliminary design of a personal air vehicle (vertical take-off)
  • Preliminary design of a roadable aircraft for Aero car
  • Preliminary Design of a small freighter/passenger airplane for NEXUS
  • Preliminary design of a Sport Pilot class airplane for Composicraft
  • Preliminary design of a supersonic business jet for OrthoAir
  • Preliminary design of a transonic business jet.
  • Preliminary design of a twin pusher G.A. airplane
  • Preliminary design of a two-seat single engine jet-trainer
  • Preliminary design of the Milner Air Car
  • Preliminary design verification of a 4-seat G.A. airplane.
  • Preliminary sizing of a small business twin-engine jet for Safire
  • Propeller/Rotor design for Free wing Flight Technologies
  • RC Planes Aerodynamic design and wind tunnel testing (flying toy)
  • Samson Motor works Switchblade - Preliminary Design Analysis
  • Samson Motor works Switchblade - wing mechanism Design
  • Small business jet - design of Speed brake
  • Student space system fabrication lab
  • NASA DC-8 Antenna Assembly Aerodynamic - Structural Design and Analysis
  • NASA P-3B Antenna Assembly - Design, Simulation (Aerodynamic and Structural), Fabrication and Installation
  • 6 passenger propeller airplane - new design, verification, analysis (vertical tail sizing and wing sizing)
  • VTOL Propulsion ground test
  • Wind tunnel test management for Safire Aircraft

Choose the Industry carefully

The students can choose the industry for the project work according to their area of interest. They should be careful in choosing this because the industry in which they intend to do their project work is important while attending the interviews for various jobs.



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    I am third year aeronautical engineering student. I would like to done my project about a structure, can you pls give some idea.

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    Aeronautical final year project at very low cost

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    umasankari T:

    I am a 3 yr student in aeronautical dept . i want to do my mini project . i m interested in wind tunnel section. so can you please explain about this section

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    i have an ideat in making UAV…bt i dont know what to improve in plz give some ideas regrading UAV…

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    I am a 3rd yr aeronautcal student.sir can u plz gve me a brief idea about mini project.and some topics related to propulsion.

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    Rahul P Gopal:

    I am a final year aeronautical engg student. I would like to do my projet on propulsion. Can anyone please suggest me some companies in which I can do my project with succecss.
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    i wanna do my project in propulsion… sir, can u please give me some related topics about propulsion…
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    i am doing final year in aeronautical engineering, i would like to do a ceramic composite, if it is possible, please give some ideas and procedures

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    im doing my 3rd year in aeronautical engg. i would like to do my mini and main projects in good company? and how can i get reference for companieS

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    i am doing final year aeronautical engineering, i like to do my final year project in good company.
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    i am doing final year aeronautical engineering, i like to do my final year project in good company.
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    i am doing final year aeronautical engineering, i like to do my final year project in good company.
    what are the companies offering to do project in there companies?