Android Developer – How to become an Android Developer?


Androids are the mini operating systems used in mobile devices to support its functionalities. It comes under the genre of Linux operating system and functions on open source platform. Android developers are the experts who make use of Java to write applications on androids. They introduce new trends in mobile devices by inventing new applications enriched with vibrant features. They can either sell their products directly or work in an organization which sells android applications. The demand for these professionals is now increasing with the development of mobile devices.

Qualifying Exam

Minimum educational qualification required to become an Android Developer is to complete graduation in any stream. Even so, it is better to do graduation in the subjects related to computer science so that the candidate may have some awareness in programming languages. As the career in Android Development is becoming popular among the aspirants, several institutes and organizations are now providing android training to the interested candidates. It is quite easy to get the job of Android developer after completing this training.

Who are eligible to apply?

Organizations which offer the job of Android developer usually prefer graduates or postgraduates. Some of them insist that the applicant should be a graduate in computer related subjects. Candidates should not only possess the required educational qualification, but also need sound knowledge in programming languages like C++ and Java. Work experience is very important for the candidates to get into reputed firms. Most of the high profile organizations prefer candidates having much experience in android development.

Key elements in the process

  • Complete graduation in computer related stream
  • Undertake Android training
  • Apply for the vacancy of Android developer

Skills required for an Android Developer

Android developers should have the ability to use their programming skills in a creative way. They should be thorough with the aspects of object oriented programming. They should have good knowledge about the new technologies emerging each day. An organization looks for such kind of android developers who can easily co-ordinate with the customer and the colleagues. Another skill required for an android developer is to have good knowledge in database technologies. Analytical skills are also essential for an android developer to develop efficient applications.



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