Android: the Robot human


An android is a robot or artificial creature designed so as to look and act like a human being. In the past decades, android concept was only in science fictions, films and televisions. The developments in the robotic technology have allowed the design of functional and realistic androids. Androids could be a robot / a cyborg / an artificial primary organic being which resembles a human.

The android robots have a long history of development. The best brains across the globe employed a lot of hard work and mind in order to design androids’ working model.  Though the concept of a full human android that can totally resemble a human is still a hypothetical concept, the rapid development in this field and the interest of developing a virtual human has made the concept of android to partial success. Various technologically advanced countries through their enhanced research work and hard work exhibits the fact that the day doesn’t seem to be far when a robot can easily replace a human being. Among the leading countries involved in the research work in this particular field mention could be made of Japan, Korea and United States of America. In Japan, the first android synthesized was called DER 2 which has the capability of changing expressions, moving hands and feet and twisting body. In Korea, the first developed android was named as EveR-1 with fantastic capabilities like emulating human expressions through facial musculature, speech capability with an inbuilt vocabulary of 400 words. Its next version EveR-2 was provided mechanisms by which it could actually sing. US scientists have manufactured an android resembling Albert Einstein which they call “Albert Hubo” which is the first android in the history to have complete walking capabilities.

Concept of Robotics

Robotics is the branch of technology which deals with the design, assembly, manufacture, operation and application of robots. A robot is a mechanical or virtual intelligent device with the objective to perform tasks automatically or with guidance, typically with the help of remote controllers. Robotics is related to the sciences of electronics, engineering, mechanics, mechatronics, and software. Today, robotics is a rapidly growing field, as the research works for the design and building new robots that serve various practical purposes domestically, commercially, or militarily are going on at a fast pace. This field is an exciting merger between a man and a machine.

Enhancement in technology with the advancement of androids

Androids are humanoid robots built to aesthetically resemble a human. An important advantage of budding androids is to understand the human body’s mental and biological processes starting from the apparently simple act of walking to the notions of consciousness and spirituality. With the enhancement in android technology, even the whole world can be controlled by androids. The enhance featured android can soon replace human beings in various risky jobs and can even control all the activities in the world within a minutes time. The field of robotics is expected to grow much more rapidly than the more mature industrial segment.



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    can we manufacture an android that would completely resemble a specific human being who really exists , possessing the same characteristics of that particular person in it ?

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    can androids have human feelings like sadness,happiness, fear shy, affection etc?

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