Difference between Advocate and Notary


Advocates and Notaries are the popular names heard in connection with the legal procedures. Even though both of them hold the degree in Law, much difference can be noticed in the nature of their job. Advocates are licensed professionals who argue for their clients in a legal case filed in the court. Notaries are appointed by the government to administer oaths and give authentication for vital documents. Advocates need to be present in the court whenever needed while notaries can do their job in their office itself.

Advocate and its opportunities

After enrolling as advocates after completing the Bachelor’s degree in Law, one can do private practice or work as public prosecutors. They can work under any senior advocate as junior advocate right after completing their degree in Law. Legal firms hire the service of advocates for handling the cases registered in the firm. Those who have sufficient experience in the concerned field can work as a legal advisor in any reputed organization.

Other job profiles suitable for these professionals are given below.

  • Legal officer
  • Litigation Associate
  • Corporate Associate
  • Contractual Obligation Associate
  • Legal Executive

Notary and its opportunities

Notary can practice only in a particular area as specified by the government. They can authenticate the legal documents held by the clients from that area. Also, they will administer the oaths and affidavits given by them. The profession of notaries has got a great importance as they give authentication for whatever legal procedures required in daily life. Cyber notaries are available for performing the notary jobs required in the cyberspace. It is better to use the service of these notaries to avoid the legal bottlenecks that could happen in the cyberspace.

Key difference between Advocate and Notary

Those who are enrolled into legal practices immediately after completing their graduation in Law are simply referred to as advocates. More clearly they are law graduates who register under the provincial bar council to perform legal practices.

Experienced advocates who are appointed by the government to authenticate legal procedures are known as notaries. They are appointed only if the authority is satisfied with their application.

There will be a fixed charge specified by the authority for each activity. Thus the salary range of notaries is fixed. But there will be variations in the salary range of advocates depending upon their job profiles.



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